My Neighbours The Dixon's

"Grow the fuck up Hayley!" he yells and I swing my fist forward, aiming for his jaw but he catches my arm just in time and pushes me back so were now standing in my kitchen.
"Lemme go!" I yell as I struggle to get out of his tight hold on both my wrists.
"Why ya gotta be violent girl!" he says angrily and I go to knee him in the balls, he pushes me against the island in my kitchen trapping my legs and he looks at me like he's about ready to lose it and start punching back.
"Wasn't violent till I met you, some faces just need to be punched!"


1. Chapter 1

I had been what you could call neighbours with the Dixon's for a month now.

We lived a good 10 minute walk away but this area was just woods. And that's why i wanted the small house. I loved the woods and to be away from everyone and a good 15 minute drive from the town.

Don't get me wrong I'm a sociable person but i also love being with nature and away from the bustling streets and noise, here it was just me and the woods, fields and well the Dixon's.

I had only bumped into them a few times, none of them on great terms.

I was a fitness instructor and fanatic and I jog 3 times a week through the woods at the back of my house, I always run in a straight line so i never got lost, I just had to turn around to get back home.

I met Merle first at only my third day there. I was getting my post when he drove up on his motorbike, he stopped and tried chatting me up, when I told him to sling his hook he got mouthy with me and rode off, guess the guy don't like being told no, I have seen him twice since,he will wink at me, make a sexual remark or gesture and I'll just stick my fingers up at him then yesterday, as I had people in working on my kitchen refurbishing as this house had seen better days it badly needed doing up he stopped by to ask if he could lend a dollar for milk, yeah right it was probably for drugs, I told him he can fuck off, he said he'd lick my pussy for 5 dollars before I kicked him in the nuts, it was a good job I had workers at my house else I think he would have choked me to death, I hadn't seen the prick since and I had met his brother on my second ever run in the woods.

Honestly the first time I bumped into Daryl I had no idea who he was, Merle never mentioned he lived with anyone, not that we talked so while running, music blaring I almost had a heart attack when he stepped out from behind a tree, weapon in hand.

I stopped dead, took a earphone out and looked at him wearily as he looked me up and down.

"You gotta be fucking kidding me" he says though it's to himself and I step back as he steps forward, he smiles, a dark smile, almost like he's amused he was scaring me and he puts his crossbow on his shoulder and looks me up and down, taking in everything and I feel exposed with my training tank top that ends under my tits and my running shorts, hell I might as well be in a bikini, I didn't think anyone came out here but me.

It's quiet for a few seconds as he just looks at me, I take that time to do the same.

He was ruggish, defiantly needed a shave and you could tell he was related to Merle.

His green flannel shirt was flared at the arms giving me the image of him tearing them off because they annoyed him. His muscles were glowing under his sweat and the dirt plastering his skin. His light brown hair was short and sticking up on all ends, his pants ripped at the knees and shoes scuffed, seems the only thing he looked after was his weapon.

I felt I was in some kind of horror movie as I stood there looking at the man, was he gonna chase me, he sure looked like he enjoyed seeing fear on my face, would he rape me and leave me for dead, hell I wouldn't put it past him. For god sake Hail, you did tae kwan doh for 3 years back at school, I could take him out easily.

I narrow my eyes at him, not wanting to show how intimidating he looked to me. and finally he spoke up

"knew you'd be nothin but trouble, fucking jogger too huh" he snarls taking a step closer, then another till his a foot in front of me, I could smell the woods on him and noticed a mole above his lip and a cigarette behind his left eat.

"You stay out of my woods, ya hear me" he says in a mere growl and I glare at him, who the fuck did this guy think he was?

"Your woods?" I question angrily and he smirks

"Heard you gave my brotha lip" he says in amusement and I wonder why he's changed the subject, so he was Merle's brother?

"Though from tha look on yer face a minute ago I'd of called him a liar" he says in amusement and I resist rolling my eyes

"This isn't your woods" I correct him and he smirks, stepping back and he takes his cigarette putting it in between his lips

"It's always been mine, never had ta share and never will, I hunt here and with you running round i can't catch shit lady" he says not giving me eye contact then he lights his fag and leans up the nearest tree. This time I do roll my eyes, I knew his kind, he wouldn't hurt me, not like his brother would anyway, i wasn't about to let no man tell me what to do.

"You gonna stop me jogging?" I ask willing to test my theory of him ever laying a finger on me

He smirks in amusement

"If ya smart I wont have to" he says and i put my ear phones back in and start to walk away ignoring him until i know he's out of sight and i start jogging again.

I was grateful he wasn't in the same spot when I started to jog back.

I was lucky enough not to run into him on my next 2 weeks of jogs but on my 4th week of living here my luck ran out.

I was jogging, my black tank top and matching black shorts on, music blaring and a bottle of water in my hand with my ipod attached to my hip.

I had been running a while, longer than usual, I knew I hadn't come this far in when I found a small lake running horizontal, I rested on a rock for a while to catch my breathes and take in the amazing view. I suddenly feel strange, like i wasn't alone and as I take my headphones out of my hear to try to listen around me I hear a strange noise to my left and then a small thump. I stand up instantly and look to where the noise came from though I couldn't see anything, as I go to take a step closer U hear a soft crunch behind me and snap my head around to see none other than the Dixon, of course back then I didn't know his name.

He was slinging his crossbow on to his back as I looked at him, he completely Ignored me even as he pushed past me, bumping my arm, skin against skin, he tensed at the realization of just how close he was and shook his head as he stormed past me, what the fuck was his problem?

He steps over the thin stream and puts his hand into a bush and retrieves a green bolt and he holds it up for a second, just long enough for me to see the blood before he wipes it on his pants leg then puts his bolt away before putting his hand in to the bush again to retrieve whatever poor animal he had just killed.

I found myself inevitably stepping forward intrigued as he dragged a dead fox in to view and I heave at the strong smell of blood and death though he just ignores me as he starts tieing it up.

"You want some or something?" he asks catching me off guard and he looks at me when i don't answer, I scrunch my features up at him and he smirks

"Prissy bitch" he says and my jaw drops, he's got a fucking cheek

"That's rich coming from you!" I say before I could control the filter between my brain and mouth and he gets up, lugging the dead creature up with him like it weighs nothing as blood seeps out of the sliced throat to drain it of blood.

I feel the need to step back from his glare but decide against it remembering how he enjoyed watching me squirm under his gaze the first time we met.

"You need to stay the fuck outta these woods!" he threats holding the fox up allowing the blood to seep out faster.

"Why, I'm clearly not getting in your way" I say eyeing the dead creature in his hands and i swear i hear him growl in annoyance.

"You've been in my way the past month girl, making me go out further to catch shit, should'a sent a bolt through ya leg, wont be doing much runnin then will ya" he spits venomously and I give him a death glare, god I wished looks could kill, I seriously hated this man!

I step forward, fist clenched, no one had talked to me like that before and I seriously wanted to inflict a great amount of pain to his regional area.

He smirks looking at me, seeing how angry I am.

"Fuck you Dixon!" I growl, I didn't know his name, all I knew was his letter box that was rusted and never got used said Dixon and his brother told me his name when he rolled up to me that morning on the curb, he was surely related to that foul man, he had to be a Dixon!

His eyes narrow for a second before he licked his dry lips then spat on the floor angrily.

"Sorry, don't fuck prissy little bitches, might break ya" he says amused and I narrow my eyes.

"Nah you prefer the girls who fuck their brothers" I say, this time not caring about that filter I use when conversing with new people.

"Fuck you implying bitch!" he yells, dropping the dead fox and stoming up to me, I stand my ground as he glares down at me, he was a few inches taller than me and I look up, not backing down staring in to his eyes, I'd admire the colour of them if I wasn't wanting to rip them out of his thick head.

"Huh?" he says in my face and I can smell his last cigarette in his breath making me scrunch my nose, I hated cigarettes and smoke.

"Red neck scum, that's all that you are" I say letting the adrenalin carry me through the argument, my fist was clenched ready to protect myself in case I was wrong about him, he looked ready to punch my face in to the ground as he stepped forward again causing me to step backwards against a tree.

"You wonna be grateful your a fucking woman else you would have an arrow in ya!" he says in my face again causing me to look to the left out of his strong gaze. His breath hits my neck and i shiver though i wasn't sure why.

He steps back, repositioning his crossbow and turns around to pick up his friend.

I let out a shaky breathe and lean my body against the tree, my hands shaking.

He turns back around and steps over the lake, he gives me one last death glare before walking away, leaving me where I stood against the thick tree trunk to calm down.

I haven't jogged since and iv'e been here another month since.

I wasn't going to lie he scared the shit out of me that day and I was certain he was going to punch the shit out of me, me and my damn mouth, I should know better than to pick a fight with a damn hill billy.

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