Finding Lana Falzorano

Monja called her my manic-pixie-dream-girl, but then again she had called her driving instructor a facist pig. From that very first meeting in the corn field I felt the sparks between us, she was mysterious and enchanting. From that very first date and kiss I was terrified but hooked, she was making me do things I'd never thought I would do. From her dissapearance I knew I had to find her, there was a whole nother side to her I'd never seen.


1. Lists

A brief list of things I knew about Lana:

1) She loved bright pink lipstick

2) She was attending a university in France, for

3) A contemporary arts degree

4) She had a pet Collie named Sherlock, and

5) Sherlock was a she

A brief list of things I didn't know about Lana:

1) Where the fuck she was

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