My luck from heaven

Just another girl living in a big city. Chloe is 15. She lives in California with her brother Justin who is 20 and is in collage. Chloe lives with Justin because her parents died two years ago in a car accident.

Chloe is a good girl. She does the best in school and nobody ever pays attention to her. Chloe has this natural bright red hair, and these beautiful big emerald green eyes. Chloe has the most beautiful porcelain skin. She wears her black rimmed glasses, and she never wears anything that shows very much skin. It's basically jeans, a t-shirt, and her favorite black hoodie everyday.

She's never noticed until that one special day.


1. Justin's breakup

(This is from Chloe's pov)

It's been snowing for a week and it's almost Christmas break.

"Chloe get up and come downstairs for breakfast so that you're not late for school !" Justin yelled from downstairs.

Gosh I hate getting up early. I mumbled to myself as I stumbled out of bed. I groaned as I was walking down the stairs. "What did you make for breakfast today?" I asked Justin as he was making my plate.

"Your favorite. Eggs, bacon, and pancakes." He said with his soft voice. "Now eat up so that you can take your shower and I can drive you to school so that I'm not late for my classes."

"Ok." I took a bite of my breakfast. It was so good! My brother is an amazing chef and I love his cooking. "This is really good." I told him. Justin smiled and started to eat himself. When I was finished eating I cleared my plate and put it in the dishwasher as always. "Thanks for breakfast." I gave Justin a hug and head upstairs to take my shower.

I had started the shower and I was about to take off my clothes when I heard a knock on the bathroom door. "Yeah? Is something wrong?" I asked.

"I just got a call from the school. They said there's no school today because of all the snow, so you're gonna stay home today but I still have classes so you're going to be home alone, ok?" He said to me through the door.

I told him ok and then I took my shower. I just put on pajamas seems how I was staying home for the day. Being home alone was nice, because I don't really like going to school. All of the other people there just pick on me and I hate it. But when I'm home alone I don't have to worry about anyone coming in my room while I was crying.

I went to my room and got into my laptop to watch vampire diaries. "I wish I could be Elena so that I could have love and everyone would treat me at least halfway decent." I thought to myself as I was watching my show. I wish I was homeschooled so that I didn't have to deal with all of the people at school.

After a whole day of watching vampire diaries and crying myself into a couple naps, Justine finally came home. "Chloe?" He asked loud enough for me to hear.

"Ya, I'm home!" I yelled so that he could hear me from the kitchen. "Why wouldn't I be? I'm a nerd that has no friends, so I have nowhere else to be." I said laughing a little bit.

And then he told me "Chloe you do have friends."

"No. I only have one friend, and she doesn't hang out with me all the time. Just a couple days of the week." I told him.

I went downstairs and my eyes were a little bit puffy and a little bit red. He asked why, and I told him it was because I just watched The Fault In Our Stars. "I love that movie, but it's so sad. It makes me cry every time."

"Ya I get it." He replied as he started to cut an orange. I sat down in the chair next to Justin. About an hour later Justin went to buy dinner. He got Taco Bell for us. We usually don't eat fast food but tonight he was really busy. So when he got home with our food, we ate and I got really tired. I hugged him and went upstairs to my room.

He went to his room when he was finished but he didn't go to sleep. Like I said, he was busy. I fell asleep after listening to a couple of songs on Pandora.

I woke up in a small pool of blood. Shit, it's that time of the month. I went into the bathroom really quick I changed into some regular clothes and fixed my lady problem. Then I went into my room and took the dirty, bloody sheets off of my bed. Damn I forgot. I have to go to school today.

Since it was 6:00 am, and I knew that Justin wasn't up yet, I decided to make breakfast myself. I made sausage and some waffles. This time I was the one that woke Justin up instead of him waking me up. He got up very slowly and asked what time it was. I told him it was 6:30 and that he needs to get up.

"I already made sausage and waffles for you. I put it in the microwave." I told him.

"Ok, thanks. I'll be down in just a bit, I need to bake a shower."he said back to me as I was walking out of his room. I walked downstairs and sat down, just waiting for Justin to come downstairs to take me to school.

Justin finished, came downstairs and told me to get my backpack and get in the car. He said it in a way like he kind of sad.

"Justin..... What's wrong?" I asked him real shy like. He just stared at me for a second, and just as he was about to speak, I interrupted him with "Grace." Grace is Justin's girlfriend... Or was. "Did she...?"

"Yeah......" He replied. He looked so sad and I knew exactly why. When I was walking into his room about half an hour ago, he got a text. I glanced over to his phone and it said the person that had texted him, "My love". She broke up with him.

Grace had broken up with my brother. I could see it in his eyes that he was about to cry. He looked so broken. He loved her and she breaks up with him for no reason.

I can't believe that she broke up with him. They've been dating for almost three and a half years now... I wonder what went wrong. Did she find someone else? Did he do something wrong to her?

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