The Best Cartoon Characters Ever!

I made this book, or list, or whatever you want to call it. Because I'm obsessed with cartoons. I'm a Chartoonoholic <--Yep thats a thing. And I know everyone at least once, has been on Netflix/Hulu/Cable, and have no idea what to watch, these characters are my personal favorites, and I highly suggest these shows. You're welcome to request characters.


3. Stewart Griffin aka Stewie


from Family Guy

Stewie is from the comical show, "Family Guy". Stewie is 1 year old and knows how to speak fluent English. Stewie is know to be violent, hateful, sarcastic, and intelligent. Even though Stewie has all of these traits and abilities everyone thinks that it is completely normal for a baby to be carrying a gun and speaking English. It seems that the other characters think that he is just an innocent baby and they can't understand him. The only other character that understands Stewie is his best friend, Brian Griffin. Brian is the Griffin Family's dog. Stewie is often seen wearing red overalls, a yellow shirt, and carrying a teddy bear called Rupert.

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