The Best Cartoon Characters Ever!

I made this book, or list, or whatever you want to call it. Because I'm obsessed with cartoons. I'm a Chartoonoholic <--Yep thats a thing.
And I know everyone at least once, has been on Netflix/Hulu/Cable, and have no idea what to watch, these characters are my personal favorites, and I highly suggest these shows.
You're welcome to request characters.


8. Buttercup


from The Powerpuff Girls

Buttercup, the third Powerpuff girl, is known to be mean, selfish, and a badass. In most of the episodes Buttercup is seen making a selfish decision and correcting it towards the end of the episode. Buttercup is seen mostly in lime green when the two other Powerpuffs are are in Pinkish-Red, Blossom, and  light blue, Bubbles. Buttercup is know as the toughest and best fighter. Or that's at least what she thinks.

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