I Travel the World for Him

Set in the future, a girl from a small town sets out to find her true love at 22 years old. The world government now requires everyone to go find the love of their life after college. They know the love of their life because at birth, every person is issued a necklace, and when the necklace buzzes, you are right next to your love. This girl must travel the world to find her live.


4. Realizing Reality

  The plane lands in Chicago the next morning. I get off the plane and check into my hotel and drop off my luggage. I sit on the bed thinking of New York and everything that happened there. I laid down and buried my face in a pillow and cried. I cried about how I never felt the necklace buzz. I about what an impossible task this was going to be to travel every square inch of the earth in order to find true love. I cried for my fear of never having the necklace buzz. I cried over never finding true love.

  I stopped crying. I realized that I wasn't looking for real true love. I was looking for government-issued love. What I felt while I was with Jack was true love. Jack didn't notice though. He was too wrapped up in the fact that his necklace was buzzing.

  I was tired of it all. All the stupidness of the buzzing necklace. 23 years ago this isn't how life worked. 23 years ago I could've chosen who I wanted to love. But now I'm being told.

  I give up on feeling the necklace buzz. From now on, I will travel the world only because I want to. Well, I'm also told to do so. But I will travel for fun. And if so where along the way the necklace buzzes, it will just be a bonus for me.


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