I Travel the World for Him

Set in the future, a girl from a small town sets out to find her true love at 22 years old. The world government now requires everyone to go find the love of their life after college. They know the love of their life because at birth, every person is issued a necklace, and when the necklace buzzes, you are right next to your love. This girl must travel the world to find her live.


5. Paris

  After a day in Chicago, I realized that I should go wherever I want to. I decided that morning to get on a plane to Paris. 

  After the 9 hour flight, I was finally in Paris. It was my dream after all to go there. 

  I got on a bus to take me into the city from the airport. I got off at a random stop and then wandered the streets for about 30 minutes before I found a nice looking hotel near the Eiffel Tower.

  "Bonjour!" The guy at the front desk said to me as I walked in.

  "Bonjour." I said back. I took a long glance at everything around me. It all looked so beautiful. It was like any other hotel I've seen before, but this was somehow better. "Parlez-vous français?" I said to him. At that moment I was glad I took French classes in high school.

  "Oui." He said. "I mean yes." We both laughed a little. "How may I help you?"

  "Do you have any rooms available?"

  "Yes! How long will you be staying?"

  "Uh...well I'm not quite decided yet. I was thinking maybe a week. Or maybe longer or maybe shorter. I just don't-" My necklace buzzed. I looked at the front desk guy. He didn't have a necklace on. In fact, he had a ring on his left ring finger. I turned around to see a guy turn the corner to the elevator holding his heart necklace in his hand. The elevator opened before I could get a good look at his face.

  "Mademoiselle?" The guy said to snap me out of whatever was going on. "How long will you be staying?" He said again. Good thing he did, I had already forgot the question.

  "Um...I think I'll be staying 2 weeks."

  "Okay. Here is your room key. You are on the 7th floor. Enjoy your stay!

  "Thank you...um...I mean merci!" I pulled my suitcase over to the elevator where the love of my life was just standing moments ago. The doors opened and I stepped into the empty elevator and hit the button with the number 7.




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