I Travel the World for Him

Set in the future, a girl from a small town sets out to find her true love at 22 years old. The world government now requires everyone to go find the love of their life after college. They know the love of their life because at birth, every person is issued a necklace, and when the necklace buzzes, you are right next to your love. This girl must travel the world to find her live.


3. Jack

  Jack is a handsome guy. A muscular build and bright green eyes. Brown shaggy hair that would be cute if it was ever washed. He starts walking towards me. He has a limp.

  "May I ask why you are limping." I say to him.

  "I've been raised on the streets. That's why I know them so well. I've known nothing else."

  I instantly feel bad for him. I had an amazing life. I was raised in a small town in a huge house and 3 warm meals daily.

  He takes me all around town. We talk about our lives. He tells me of all of his adventures of roaming the streets. I tell him about my luxurious (to him at least) daily routines that make up my average life.

  Then he asks me why I finally came to New York City. 

  "I came because I have never felt the buzz of my necklace."

  "Really?! You've never felt it?"

  "No. So based on your shock I assume you have."

  "Yeah actually. Exactly 47 times. The problem is, I still don't know who the girl is."

  "Wow. That just gave me so much hope." I say sarcastically.

  His face turns into a mix of pure shock and happiness all of a sudden. He yanks on his heart shaped necklace.

  "I just felt it again."

  He looks for the girl that is looking for him. He starts walking as fast as his limping leg will allow him down the sidewalk and disappears into the crowd. I never saw him again. I waited for half an hour for him to come back before hailing a cab and heading back to my hotel.

  The next morning I went to the airport and never want to come back to the city.


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