The chosen one

I thought my life was just my evil adopted mom and sisters making it miserable. But when my adopted mom Emily kicked me out the house one night and after getting kidnapped I found out my life did have a propose.

I fell in love this boy named Harry Styles and met new friends also made some enemies on the way. oh no.

Follow Rose on an adventure to find out about her past.........


2. Kidnapped: Part one

 I​t was so cold and it was bad that I was wearing a brown big top that Zoe gave me and black shorts with pink flats. She said that it was out of style and I had no style so she handed it to me. But no coat sadly. I turned into the ally short cut that I took to get to the 24 hour café. Then I heard scream I went to investigate. When I turned the last coner I saw a girl with a guy, the guy had his face in the girls neck and had blood around his mouth.  I couldn't move or speak or even scream. There was no point calling for help because it was like at 10 o'clock at night and in an ally way.

Then I realised he dropped the girl and was not at the end of the ally way but face to face with me. " Your so beautiful last time we met we where just little kids. "He said as he stroked my cheek, his hands were soft and calming. I stared into his red eyes that where turning a beautiful emerald green. "Baby girl don't hate me for what am about to do. Its for your own good, know I will all ways love you. "Then I know what he had just said but it was to late he had put a needle in my neck. Suddenly darkness over came me..........  




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