Is it really worth it?

'Is it really worth risking getting caught and ruining my reputation?' Selena thought. 'All my friends are doing it so why can't I?'

Torn between following her religion and parents rule or risking it all just to 'go with the flow,' Selena has to choose right from wrong.

Top rule in her religion: No dating. Simple as that.
Will she follow that rule or not?


1. chapter 1

"Oh my God, you have to read what Alex sent me yesterday you're literally gonna die,"  Winter yelled excitedly as we made our way to the last class of the day. Winter and I connected right away Freshman year since we were both the new girls at our school. We've been best friends for 2 years now. She shoved her phone into my hands. 'I love you,' read the message. Handing her back her phone she asked, "So what do you think? That's the first time he told me he loves me," her eyes twinkled when she repeated the words her boyfriend texted her. "That's so cute. Are you gonna say it back?" I asked. "Are you crazy Selena?! I can't say it now, it'll make me seem desperate as hell," she stated as if everyone should know that. "Well sorry I don't have any experience with boys," I said rolling my eyes. Truth is I never really talked to any guy. In middle school and junior high I've always been the shy, quiet girl. I never talked to anyone unless they came and talked to me. I had maybe 3 close friends at that time. And now for high school, my parents sent me to a private all girls school to learn more about my religion. Part of my religion was that it is forbidden to date or be super friendly with the opposite gender until it was time for marriage. Unfortunately, many people break the rules and date anyways like my best friend Winter for example. But who am I to judge everyone makes mistakes and people just want to be able to fit in in this society.


The school bell rang indicating it was time to go home. I went to my locker to grab my books. As I shut my locker, I see Winter running towards me. "Alex and I are going out tonight and he wanted me to ask you if you'd be willing to come with us?" "I am not third wheeling you guys," I said annoyingly. "No no, he said he's gonna bring a friend for you to meet. This way it could be like a double date," she said. " already know I don't date, and.." Winter cut me off by saying, " I know you don't date, you barely do anything fun because you think your parents will get mad, but you have to live life a little." "My parents WILL get mad if I do anything behind their backs, you should know them by now. Also, I could be fun when I want to be FYI," I was kind of getting annoyed of her trying to pressure me into doing things I'm not comfortable with. "You're right, I don't know why I asked I should've known the answer from the start," she said then turned and walked away. I could tell that she was mad but I wasn't going to risk doing something bad and my parents finding out.

A/N: I figured I should start writing another story because this is what I enjoy doing in my free time and I also never had the chance to finish writing my other story. I know this chapter was kind of short but it's just the beginning. I hope you somewhat enjoyed it let me know what you think!

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