{A.I.} Inseparable

(Sequel to {A.I.} Sneaking Around)
Emily Woods,Michael Clifford's step sister and Ashton Irwin's Girlfriend,is going on tour. The Take Me Home Tour with 5SOS and 1D. Will all this stress break Emily and Ashton apart? Working during the day to save the car Michael bought for her,she meets some interesting people and interesting things. Even though Allison passed away the summer before,the group is still inseparable,maybe.


49. 48

The eight of us all take a bow. We look into the crowd. Millions of faces. Millions of Fans. All for the guys. This is insane. I look at Ashton and smile. He grabs my face and gives me a sweaty kiss,which I guess is alright,since I am also,sweaty,still. The screaming fans get louder. We pull away from each other,smiling. "GOODNIGHT BURLIN!!" Michael yells. We all wave. One after the other,we run backstage,my hand in Ashton's. We all run,laughing. 2HopelessSkies shines on the plate on the dressing room door. The guys go into their dressing room as Sophie throws open ours. We go in laughing.

**A week later**

"Okay,you can buy some-" Michael stops talking as Sydney and I run to the candy shop. "I hope they have Kinder Eggs here!" Sydney says,before I open the door. "Man,London is amazing," I say. We search the store for Kinder Eggs and anything else that looks good. The guard that followed us pays for our candy,and we thank him. We run back out and I hear a familiar voice. Quinn. "Quinn!" "Emily!" I hug Quinn. "I haven't seen you in forever! How are you and Liam?" I ask,holding her shoulders. "We're doing great,actually! So,Miss Drummer,how's tour?" "Amazing. So many sweet fans." Her phone rings. She looks down at it. The name 'Liam' with heart emojis next to it pop up. "Oh,sorry. I'll text you in a bit. I missed you." She tells me,and answers the phone,then hugs me while talking to Liam. She waves as she walks off. "She didn't even talk to me," Sydney frowns. "Oh well." She adds and shoves a Kinder Egg in her mouth. Sydney begins to thumb in something into her phone. I look at Sophie,who's laughing with Calum. Michael and Phoebe are chatting and Luke is on the phone with someone. Ashton smiles at me,walking toward me. "So,what's next?" He asks,slipping his hand into mine. I shrug. "I have an idea," He tells me,and drags me over to a few guards. "Hey,so can me and Em go see some fans at the mercy booth where Karie and Jake are?" Ash asks. "Okay,Mason go with them." The guard's deep voice allows. Mason leads us to the Kerch booth,and when the fans spot us,they begin to scream. "This is insane,Ashton." I say into his ear. I hear him giggle. We stand behind the counter there,and talk to fans.

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