{A.I.} Inseparable

(Sequel to {A.I.} Sneaking Around)
Emily Woods,Michael Clifford's step sister and Ashton Irwin's Girlfriend,is going on tour. The Take Me Home Tour with 5SOS and 1D. Will all this stress break Emily and Ashton apart? Working during the day to save the car Michael bought for her,she meets some interesting people and interesting things. Even though Allison passed away the summer before,the group is still inseparable,maybe.


30. 29

"What time is it?" I ask Cashmere. She shakes her head. "You asked that five minutes ago," She looks down at her phone in her hand. "It's 11:59." I nod. "I'm gonna go to my old ro-,Actually,I'm going into the party room." Cashmere nods. I turn around and Luke's behind me. "Hey!" He smiles. "Hi." "You got an answer?" I shake my head. "Sorry,I'm a little stressed with other things." "It's okay. You take as long as you need." He smiles and kisses my forehead. He walks away and I sigh. I walk up the stairs and push the door open,which creaks. Ashton turns around as I close the door. He rushes to me and hugs me. "I'm so so so so sorry." "Don't bother,Ashton." He pulls away. "Don't tell me your the girl that song was about." I cross my arms. "Actually,I am." He huffs. "Just my luck," He sighs. "Look,I'm sorry. Please get back together with me." I sigh. "I need some time to think." He sighs again. "Okay." I nod and turn on my heel,pushing my lips together. I open the door and leave Ashton standing in that room,as I did earlier during the party.

I listen to the sound of my heels hitting the sidewalk and I open the building door and Diana,the night shift secretary,smiles to me. I smile back. "How was the party?" She asks,organizing papers, "Well,Ashton broke up with me and Luke likes me and wants to go out with me,but Ashton wants me to get back with him." She smiles. "Go get some rest,girl. You need it." Her brown eyes shine in the light. I nod and wave at her. The elevator doors open and I step in,all alone. I press my floor number and get the key ready. I step outside of the elevator and open the apartment door. The Christmas tree is sparkling in the dark,a lamp on an end table is the only light on. I sigh and take off my shoes and jacket. I close the door and lock it behind me. I put my purse on the counter and take out my phone. I put my junk in my room and change into some footie pajamas. I lay in my bed,thinking of pros and cons of Ashton and Luke. "Is this even worth it?" I whisper to myself. "Probably not," I sigh and face the wall. "I should just take my mind off of things for awhile." And I fall asleep.

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