{A.I.} Inseparable

(Sequel to {A.I.} Sneaking Around)
Emily Woods,Michael Clifford's step sister and Ashton Irwin's Girlfriend,is going on tour. The Take Me Home Tour with 5SOS and 1D. Will all this stress break Emily and Ashton apart? Working during the day to save the car Michael bought for her,she meets some interesting people and interesting things. Even though Allison passed away the summer before,the group is still inseparable,maybe.


22. 21

*The Next Day*

"Heyoooo. I'm Emily,incase you didn't know and today I'm all alone. Um,Michael is out with the guys and yeah. Today's Sunday,so I don't have work. So,anyway,I asked you guys on Twitter what song I should sing for this video and a lot of you requested,um,hold on lemme look at my phone," I laugh as I look through my Twitter. "Yeah,it's 'Heartache on the Big Screen' by 5 Seconds of Summer,my brother's band. So,yeah. Hope you all enjoy," Throughout the entire song,I can practically hear the questions on why I didn't say "My boyfriend's band," or something like that,even though it hasn't been uploaded yet. I'm just finishing the song now. "So there it is. My cover of 'Heartache on the Big Screen' by that one band," I start laughing. "Also,guys,I'm gonna be doing Q and A's once or twice a month and I'll ask you on Twitter or Instagram,my links are down below. But,I'm starting it next month,maybe,I'm not exactly sure. But,yeah. So,byeeeeee." I smile and turn off the camera. I take it upstairs and edit the video,which isn't really that hard.I write the description and click upload. I hear the rumble of a car engine pull into the driveway. I stand up and go downstairs. Michael comes inside with Chloe. Of course. I fake a smile. "Hey,I,uh,thought the guys were coming over today." I say. "They're coming in a bit." Michael says,closing the door. I nod. A notification on Michael's phone goes off. Chloe looks over at his hand,which has his phone in it. She throws her hand up to her mouth to try to stop herself from laughing. "You have a YouTube channel?" She asks,laughing. I narrow my eyes at her. "Why's that so funny?" I ask. "You'd probably be the worst YouTuber in the entire world!" She laughs some more. "Okay,Chloe,that was harsh." Michael says. "No,no. She doesn't know who she's messing with." I say and go upstairs to my room again.

"What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?" Sydney asks excitedly. "Look,I'm not sure. Yet. Yet." I tell her. "Maybe! We could sneak up behind her and throw ice cubes on her!" Sydney says. I shake my head. "My parents will get mad." She nods. "Maybe,we could bake cupcakes and 'accidentally,'" She puts air quotes around 'accidentally.' "Spill the tray on her before we offer them some." I consider this. "Or we could save the time and buy some." I suggest. "Yeah. That's easier." We walk out to my car and we drive to the bakery.

"Hey,you guys want some cupcakes?" Sydney asks,leading the way to the basement,where Chloe and Michael are. I carefully carry the tray over to them. "Oh,I'd love one. Did you make them?" Chloe asks. Sydney shakes her head. "No,the bakery did." She smiles. "Well,I'd love one." I get ready to spill the cupcakes on her but she hits the tray with her hand,which sends the tray flying up to my chest. I gasp. "What was that for?!" I ask. "Oops." "She did that on purpose!" Sydney yells. "Sydney,will you go get me some paper towels,please?" I ask and she nods. "Look,I'm sure it was an accident." Michael says,getting up to take the tray away. He goes upstairs. "I know what you and your friend we're gonna do to me,don't act all innocent."Chloe snaps at me. "All we were gonna do is give you cupcakes." I tell her. "Sure,you were." She says,sarcastically. Sydney comes back and hands me the paper towels and I wipe most the frosting off of my shirt. Michael comes back. "Okay,I hope whatever it is going on between you guys stops." He announces. "Oh,nothing's going on between us,no need to worry." Chloe smiles. I sigh.

I step out of the bathroom,wearing my 5SOS footie pajamas,to find Chloe going through my desk drawer. "Hey! What are you doing?" I ask and she stands up. "Oh,you know,finding revenge." "I didn't do anything to you!" "Yeah,okay." "What did I do then?" She pauses and then storms out of my room. I sit at my desk and look through my stuff. Everything's there. Except,my necklace from Ashton! It's always in my drawer when I'm taking a shower! She took it! That fucking rat! I stomp downstairs to find Ashton,Luke,Calum,Michael,and Chloe standing there. "What did you do with my necklace,Chloe?!" I ask. "I didn't do anything." She grins at me. "What'd she do?" Michael asks. "She took my necklace!" "What necklace?" Chloe asks. "The one Ashton gave me! On my 17th birthday!" "Why did you take it off?" Ashton asks. "So it wouldn't get ruined in the shower! I wouldn't take it off any other time! Unless,I was mad at you,but I'm not!" I tell him. "Well,I'm not sure what you talking about." Around her neck. The fucking necklace. "So,then,where'd you get that exact same necklace? It looks just like mine." I fold my arms across my chest. The guys look around her neck to see the necklace. "Oh,this old thing?" She asks,guiltily. Michael goes up behind her and takes the necklace off. "We're through. If you can't be nice to my sister,you're not worth it." He says and pushes her out the door. He hands Ash the necklace and he puts it around my neck. "Why thank you." I smile.

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