The Seer

When a new guy moves across from Rayne Warford, her life crumbles around her. When her aunt comes back to reveal a family secret to her, a couple days before her sixteenth birthday, she realizes that the world as she knew it, is no longer so simple. Her aunt teaches who and what she is, but most importantly, how to survive.
Stuck trying to comprehend everything she has learned, she starts to form a friendship with the guy across the street. But as fate will have it, he too is hiding deadly secrets.
Will Rayne be able to come to terms and except her fate? Or will she fade away from this world and die?


7. 7

Nothing else happened after the freak show, as I like to call it. Aunt Liv did not push me further to talk about it and I was appreciating it. Unfortunately Clifford had to cancel the plans we made but there was a part of me that was happy. I would have been bad company tonight, thinking about what happened at the rock climbing centre and not fully paying attention to him.

My eyes closed for a second, feeling like a hundred pounds. When I opened them again something seemed out of the ordinary. Sunlight streamed in from a wide open window that had yellow curtains. The smell of flower welcomed me and the bed was so soft. Way too soft.

I felt my body get out of bed without me telling it to. As if I was in someone else's body. Quickly that thought left me and my feet padded towards the door. The hallway had a bunch of mirrors, and when I passed one I caught a reflection of a stranger.

Too short hair that was too white was what I noticed first. But I continued loving even though I wanted to turn back and see myself. Or whoever I was. A soft melodic tune played from nowhere and I realized that it was me humming.

Strange. I thought to myself. This is a dream that I never experienced before. It was so different from the rest. A sound of something falling behind me shocked my nerves. I slowly turned around to see a black figure at the end of the hallway, it was coming out of my room.

Fear spiked my blood and I was stuck in place. "Who are you?" I barely managed to whisper. The sound of blood rushed through my ears and the figure came closer. I could now tell that it had a physique of a young male. Strong, tall, and wide shoulders. Yet I couldn't define anything else. He was just black. Like a shadow. Even the eyes were cloaked.

Steadily he withdrew a small dagger. It shimmered in the light, beams of the Rays bouncing off of rubies and emeralds. The end he's were so sharpe that one hit seemed like it would take off a limb. I gasped and tried to move back but I hit the stand that was in the hallway.

Falling down I started to hyperventilate. This man oozed murder and bloodlust. He was now standing over me, consuming my vision. "Please. Don't do this." I begged with tears falling down my face. He started to chant something in an unknown language and then went atop of me.

Pain rippled at my chest and went everywhere. He put a hand over my mouth to muffle my screams. In a second he resided the dagger again, soaked in blood- my blood, and hit my chest again. Around the heart.

I started to lose consciousness and grey dots blurred the edges of my vision. The killer yanked at something in me and pulled out my heart. I should be dead. I thought to myself. But I wasn't. I continued on watching as I saw the man lean his head back and lower my heart. Slowly it went into his mouth and he moaned with every bite.


Once again I woke up gasping, falling out of bed head first. But this time I felt my stomach heave and I shuddered. Clutching my chest I didn't feel any gap, I wasn't bleeding or dying. It was a nightmare.

The door opened and aunt Liv rushed in. "Rayne!" She called out and rushed to me. I was cradled in her arms in a moment, just like she done when I first had the cursed dreams with her. I didn't push her away but accepted her. This dream was much worse than any other.

I was the person. I felt everything. Witnessed everything, even the end when I should have died. Tears rained down my face and I cried. "Oh Rayne. It's okay. Everything will be okay." She cooed, offering me words of comfort. When I finally calmed down she smoothed away my hair and looked at me. "What happened?" She asked.

"It was different this time. They seem to be getting worse now. And I don't know why. Why is this happening?! Why?!" Anger rose within me but I was too drained of anything to move and act out. Instead I could only stay in aunt Liv's arms. I was too tired to fully notice her body stiffening and her taking a sharpe breath in.

"Please tell me Rayne. Tell me so I can try and help you." She asked. "I know it seems impossible but you will be okay. I promise."

Nodding I looked at her. "I thought I fell asleep and woke up as myself. But I didn't. I was another person and I was in a different house. When I was going out of my room and down a hallway, a man showed up behind me. And- and." It was had to finish.

Another sob shook my body and I burrowed my head into aunt Liv. Once again I felt like a small child who just lost her mom and dad. Who was alone and confused. Aunt Liv made hushing sounds, trying to make me feel better. "He murdered me. Whoever it was, it was like a shadow. He took out my heart with a dagger and he ate it. Oh my God! He ate it!" I cried.

Once again aunt Liv stiffened. She continued talking to me and calming me down. I don't know how much time has passed until I was able to stop crying and stand. "Let's go downstairs and get a coffee. We can watch that show you like so much." She said.

I nodded and walked with her. Soon, with a mug of hot coffee, I was sitting on the sofa with aunt Liv. She looked like she wanted to tell me something but didn't know how. "Aunt Liv?" I said to get her attention. She looked at me with a forced smile. "Whatever it is, you can tell me."

As soon as I spoke those words, her smile fell and she looked at her hands. "I'm sorry, Rayne. I have been lying to you all these years. I have been keeping a huge secret from you." She admitted.

Confused I blinked. What could she be taking about? Did she never believe that I was actually having visions? That I was just insane? "I had a twin sister. She was always special, just like you. But on her eighteenth birthday she died. Just like in your dream."

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