The Seer

When a new guy moves across from Rayne Warford, her life crumbles around her. When her aunt comes back to reveal a family secret to her, a couple days before her sixteenth birthday, she realizes that the world as she knew it, is no longer so simple. Her aunt teaches who and what she is, but most importantly, how to survive.
Stuck trying to comprehend everything she has learned, she starts to form a friendship with the guy across the street. But as fate will have it, he too is hiding deadly secrets.
Will Rayne be able to come to terms and except her fate? Or will she fade away from this world and die?


13. 13

I was shocked and kind of numb. A slight ring in my ears blocked out the threats and words exchanged by aunt Liv and Clifford. My mind could barely process what I just head and learned in the past few hours. First I was a supernatural and would relieve more powers than the nightmares I get on my birthday, which was tomorrow. Second aunt Liv was supernatural as well meaning that my mom and dad was, and my long dead aunt who was Aunt Liv's twin. Third, that same aunt was a Seer like me and died on her birthday.

The next to realize hurt. I don't know why but it did. When I thought about it my heart throbbed in an annoying way. Fourth, a group of people that is controlled by this mysterious Ur, killed my parents, and Clifford was part of that group. Yeah. It hurt.

Then fifth, no one besides aunt Liv knew I was the Seer which meant I was a little bit more safe. Slowly I looked up and noticed Ellie just staring at her hands wide eyed. She didn't know anything about this world until now. And I just tossed her in this without a single thought or doubt. How awful was that? She didn't need to be put in harms way, which there most likely will be.

According to aunt Liv there is people out there who want to use me. I don't know why. I don't know what for fully. Except there is an evil who wants to rule this world and have my hand in it. So if I was found out then anyone who I hold dear will be in danger.

I reached my hand out and held onto Ellie's. She stiffened and looked at me. I could tell that she was debating if she wanted to believe this or not. Or to run away from me and never look back. I wouldn't object about that last part. It would be best for her future if I wasn't in it. "Ellie." I whispered.

Aunt Liv and Clifford stopped and looked at us. As if they finally realized they weren't alone. Ellie's lip trembled a second before she composed herself. "When were you going to tell me?" She asked, straightening her back.

My mouth opened and shut. Looking away I didn't know what to say. Tell her that I was always special and had nightmares that came true? Tell her that I was supposed to be a Seer and that people were after me? That by tomorrow I would receive the full extent of my gift and probably be taken away and never see her again if I was found out?

Yeah. Like she would believe that before this happened. "What do you mean? Ellie, did you not know about this? Are you even supernatural?" Clifford asked.

I looked at him and in a second his face went from questioning to anger. He looked at aunt Liv and narrowed his eyes. "You let a human without any clue to our world, know about this?! That is against the law Olivia!" He yelled.

His hand went through his hair that looked soft to the touch. I caught myself thinking about touching it. About being held in his arms. But how could I think about that? He was in a part of a group that killed my parents. And by the way it looks, he knew about it. His anger soon became mine and I stood up leaning over him.

"Get out. Get out now!" I yelled. It was a delayed reaction but now I couldn't stand the sight of him. I felt a hatred towards him. He would side and work with people who are murderers?

He stood up and had the height advantage now. "Why? Because I didn't know who you were and I am apparently now evil to you? Because your aunt is confused about who truly killed your mother and father?" He asked.

Once again my heart broke. This side of Clifford was scary. He was rude and he actually smiled a little at the last part. Before I could stop myself I smacked him. He looked shocked. "Don't you dare say that. I want you gone, I want you to move out of town." I spat and he looked up at the ceiling.

"Fine. But I am not moving anywhere. I still have business here and I won't leave until I finish it." He walked out and slammed the door on his way.

"Rayne?" Elle asked. I looked at her and she frowned. "I forgive you. And I don't want you to be mad at me and I don't want to be mad at you. You are like my sister and I love you, even if you drink blood or transform into a wolf every full moon." She said.

That undid me. I let myself cry and we hugged. Aunt Liv joined in and we didn't stop until everyone calmed down. "I won't do any of those. I will only get a superpower on my birthday." I told her.

Her eyes widened and she leaned back a little in realization. "You're going to get superpowers tomorrow?" She asked. I smiled a little and nodded. "That's cool. You can like be the real wonder women or something. Save this town from crime and I can be you normal and rich side kick that drives you around everywhere!" She joked around.

No matter what she knew how to make me smile. And this is one of those time. "Okay. But I don't think I'll be brave enough to tackle a purse snatcher. Or go into a burning building. I think I might just save cats from too tall trees." I smiled.

"Okay. But this supernatural thing, what is this exactly? I am so lost and confused." She said. We both looked at aunt Liv and she sighed.

"This supernatural thing is a secret. So no telling anyone, not even your parents or your dog. Someone might overhear. Yes the government knows and yes, there are plenty of people who are supernatural in every place of the world. Luckily we can blend in with humans without huge differences. But there are others who yes, drink blood and change into wolves. There are also fairies and any other thing you can think of.

"But for Rayne and others like her and me, we will have tattoos. It's unknown what it will be until the eighteenth birthday. Usually people like us live in groups so the newbies will learn how to hide their identity and practise and put their powers to skill more effectively. But with us, it is a little different.

"With that in mind we will be a little more undetectable. Unless Clifford tells his group and leader where we are. But Ellie, we are special. A little more than others. We can't have anyone know about us, well Rayne. Because if she is found out then she will be in danger and so will you. So you have a choice, you can leave now and your danger will be less. Or you can stay and your life will be on the line." Aunt Liv said.

I looked at Ellie to see her reaction and what she will say. It would be better for her if she left now and never looked back but at the same time I didn't want her to go. I needed a friend and someone to lean on and bring me to the ground. "I'm going to stay. No matter what. She is my friend and sister and I don't want to leave her." She said.

As soon as she said that I felt tears in my eyes again. "Oh Ellie." I said and hugged her. "You are the best. And I will protect you no matter what. Because you are like a sister to me too and I love you."

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