Lost Love A Pokemon Fanfiction

My name is Sarah and today I start my journey as a Pokémon Trainer then I meet my childhood friend Ash Then I fall in love with him but I know that he has the same dream as mine I want him to accomplish it I love him too much


5. Too Much to Handle (short chapter)

 I actually pretended to sleep I can't sleep at all. What's wrong with me I have a crush on my childhood friend. I can't contain myself around him I feel safe when I'm with him. But I just can't sleep I don't know why. I got up and I stared out the window looking at the night sky. I started singing a song I wrote a long time ago. The lyrics really spoke to me a lot. Tell me why you had to go away from me. That lyric really gets to me it reminds me when I left Ash. I didn't know that Ash was awake the whole time I was singing that song. When I finished I heard some clapping I was confused. Hey Sarah that was a really good song. Did you write that song?

  I did I know it's not that good. What do you mean? That song was amazing you should get it out there. You think so ash? Yeah do you remember that one time when I was sad? Yes I sang you a song to make you feel better. I remember that you fell and hurt your knee. Yeah your the reason I could stand up that day. Really I had no idea I helped you so much. You have Sarah you were one of my greatest friends when I was little. I've never had a better friend you've always been there for me. Hey Ash may I ask you something? Sure thing Sarah what is it? Do you remember my Eevee? Of course I do I loved that Eevee. Well I miss her so much I've always missed her. Look we'll get her back I promise.   Then I started to cry my eyes out. Oh Sarah don't cry come here. I slowly walked up to Ash and he hugged me tightly. It's ok Sarah I'm right here.


​I flushed a bright red and started shaking. Hey what's wrong are you ok? Oh y...yes I'm ok I'm f...fine. Why are you shaking Sarah are you ok? I'm fine I'm just cold that's all. Here I'll help you out. Ash took a blanket and wrapped it around me. Thanks Ash I feel so much better. No problem, do you think you can sleep now? Actually I think I can thank you Ash. No problem Sarah I'm here for you. Thanks Goodnight Ash I'll see you tomorrow. 



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