Lost Love A Pokemon Fanfiction

My name is Sarah and today I start my journey as a Pokémon Trainer then I meet my childhood friend Ash Then I fall in love with him but I know that he has the same dream as mine I want him to accomplish it I love him too much


3. The Lumiose Catastrophe Part 1

As soon as I left I was exited to start my journey. I sat on top of a cinder pillar with Pikachu in my lap. Ok Pikachu are you ready to travel with me? Pika Pikachu. Ok return Pikachu then Pikachu didn't want to get in the pokeball I was confused. Then Pikachu pressed a green button on my pokedex. It said that some Pokémon don't like to stay inside their pokeball so they can't return. That's ok Pikachu we can travel together side by side. Hey Pikachu do you like sweet stuff. I reached into my backpack and grabbed my cookie bag and got the one shaped like a Pikachu. Then Pikachu started eating really fast I knew she liked it.

  Then I heard someone yell something. Hello Kalos region I have arrived! I asked myself who in the world just shouted. It came from the airport so I decided to run over there. It was my mom's friend Alexa she was with some kid. I decided to leave them alone for now then Pikachu was scared. Hey it's ok Pikachu I'm here with you. Then another Pikachu popped up then started talking to my Pikachu. Hey Pikachu there you are why did you run off buddy. Oh hello there sorry was my Pikachu bothering you? Oh no not at all your fine he's a cute one like mine. Oh I got to go see you later bye. Who was that Pikachu? Oh we gotta go give this to the gym leader real quick. Ok lets go Pikachu let's do this. We were walking towards Prism Tower then I went through the door and it was all computers. Then it started speaking to me. Hello welcome to the Lumiose gym in order to enter you need at least 4 gym badges. I may not have gym badges yet but I have a letter for you! Why thank you come on in Sarah I was expecting you. I went in to this office type thing and saw something on the floor. It was a trainer I.D it had my picture and all my information on it. I guess my mom probably took care of that. Whoever you are thanks for my I.D I have to go bye. Then Pikachu and I decided to leave the gym. Then a letter popped out of the mail return it said give to Professor Sycamore. So I went back to the lab very very fast.


Then I walk in and Sophia comes over to me. Oh hey Sarah how's it going. I need to give this to Professor Sycamore. Sure come right this way please. He's right in there take your time ok. Hello Professor I need you to confirm if this I.D is real for me. Sarah I can already tell this is fake we don't have trainer I.D's the pokedex is your I.D. Really how is that even possible Professor? Here look at this I'll show how it works. Then Professor Sycamore took my pokedex and he pressed the green button. Then it started saying a lot about me it was a cool feature. Then I heard an explosion so I wanted to check it out. Sorry Professor Sycamore gotta go have a good day! I ran outside and I saw a bunch of Pokémon thieves I remember they stole my beloved Eevee I had to do something.


​Hey Pikachu you ready for a little battle? Pikachu nodded to me yes I knew it was ready. Pikachu thunder shock lets go! Then Pikachu actually did it I was surprised and I was wondering if it knew electro ball. What the who dares to do that to Wobuffet you hooligan. Because I remember you I remember how you got my Eevee and your gonna pay now leave these people alone or else! Or else what you don't have the guts you stupid kid. I'm not stupid now your gonna pay ok Pikachu electro ball lets go! Here I'll help you miss alright Pikachu help that girl's Pikachu. Alright Pikachu thunder shock lets go! Pikachu use electro ball lets go. Then the Wobuffet used mirror coat I was confused then before it could hit Pikachu a Pokémon jumped in front of them.


​It was a Froakie then It was very hurt due to that other Pikachu's electro ball. Then me and that kid used thunder bolt on them the we heard them shout. Team rocket's blasting off again! We need to get Froakie to safety now. Hey I know a place Professor Sycamore's Pokémon lab we can take Froakie there. Just follow me I'll show you guys the way. I was running to the lab as fast as I can was it just me or does that kid look familiar to me? Hello Professor Sycamore are you in here we need help! Oh hey Sarah what's wrong are you ok. Excuse me sir are you Professor Sycamore this Froakie is in bad shape. Oh no Froakie are you ok please follow me. Me and that kid decided to follow him along with the injured Froakie in his arms. Is Froakie gonna be alright Professor? Yeah Sophie is taking good care of Froakie he'll be ok. Hey thanks for helping us with Team Rocket my name's Ash. I'm Sarah good too meet you I just had to help they stole my Eevee when I was five. Oh really what happened to Eevee is she ok. Well one day I was taking Eevee for a walk in the woods. Then I heard something inside of the bushes then these people come out of nowhere. Then they threatened to take Eevee so I started running away from them. Then the surrounded me than the took Eevee away. I tried to break free but one of them was holding me so I couldn't do anything. It breaks my heart every time I think of it thinking how bad of a trainer I am.


 Your not a bad trainer you helped Pikachu that's how much you care so much for Pokémon. Thanks Ash at least someone cares about my love for Pokémon. Hey I care about Pokémon too their like my family. Awesome I love to sing too but I'm not that good. Hey I bet your an amazing singer would you mind singing. Maybe when I'm not nervous haha sorry Ash. Hey Professor is Froakie better yet? Yes but he needs a lot of rest. Here let me give you guys a tour of the lab real quick. That would be awesome Professor thanks a lot. Then when I walked in another room there was a Garchomp I never saw one in person before. So Garchomp are you experimenting on it or something. Actually yes there's this different type of evolution almost no one knows about.  It's called mega evolution but only certain Pokémon have this kind of evolution. We honestly think Garchomp can mega evolve hey Sophie take Garchomp to the field for me. Sure thing Professor come on Garchomp. Then Garchomp went into this room then Sophie went in too. Hey while Garchomp eats let me take you all to my Pokémon field. Sound's great hey Ash wanna walk with me? Sure I can't see why not hey can we get Clemont and Bonnie real quick. Sure are they the two who were with you while we were battling? Yes they are their my best friends I met them when I tried to get in the gym. Awesome I can't wait to meet them. Hey Clemont Bonnie you guys alright? Yea were just fine hey Ash who's that girl? Oh my name's Sarah Ash told me so much about you guys good too meet you.  Hey were going to the Pokémon field if you guys wanna come. Yea sure let's go I can't wait to see this place. Along the way Ash and I started talking about battle strategies. Thanks since I'm new I didn't know that much then I started to remember something. It was my 6th birthday I remember someone who looked like Ash who came to my party. Happy birthday Sarah this is from me I hope you like it. Ash I love it but why a ball gown? Cause I honestly couldn't find a good gift sorry. Hey it's fine I love it thanks Ash. I remember now Ash was my childhood friend from 1st grade then I moved I must've forgot. Hey Ash do you mind if I ask you something real quick. Sure go ahead Sarah what is it. Ash do you remember me from 1st grade? Wait what are you talking about Sarah? Remember we were in the same class and we were really good friends too.


Honestly I don't remember I can't even remember my teacher's name. Does this ring a bell you gave me this for my birthday. I pulled out my ball gown I can fit in it now remember. I remember giving that gown to someone but I can't remember when honestly. You gave it to me for my sixth birthday remember now? Sorry but I do remember seeing someone that looks like you. Back then but I don't remember going to a party. It's ok if you don't remember Ash you'll remember eventually. Hopefully I do because you look like I met you somewhere before. Pikachu then looked at me like I was a thief or something. Then I saw a large field in the distance. Huh it's so beautiful guys I love it! I love the field too Sarah Professor Sycamore did good with it. I agree with you Sarah sorry I don't remember you yet. Ash it's ok you'll remember eventually hopefully.  So this is the field so what do you guys think?


Professor how did you do this it's so beautiful in here! Well I wanted to make an open space so all Pokemon can play together in peace. Where is Sophie with Garchomp Sarah can you check on them please.  Sure thing Professor I'll take a look real quick I'll be back guys. So what do you guys think of Sarah cool huh". Yea she's awesome I like her love for Pokemon too and I love how she has a Pikachu. Yeah the starters were sick so she only had Pikachu too choose from. I went to go check on Sophie and Garchomp then I heard a scream I needed to check it out. Then I something terrible I needed to help.


                                                                                                       To be continued.....








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