Lost Love A Pokemon Fanfiction

My name is Sarah and today I start my journey as a Pokémon Trainer then I meet my childhood friend Ash Then I fall in love with him but I know that he has the same dream as mine I want him to accomplish it I love him too much


2. starting a new journey with my new partner

I woke up and I ran downstairs like a Pikachu using volt tackle. Hey mom good morning what's my surprise please tell me I wanna know. Ok you'll get you surprise after you eat your pancakes ok. Give them to me give them to me I wanna eat right now! Ok stop shouting ok their cooking alright wait I know you want to know. I do please tell me mom I want to know right now please! Stop yelling ok just calm down here's your breakfast here you go. Thanks mom I'm gonna eat like a Pokémon with a oran berry but not to fast. That's right remember last time yo ate really fast you got very sick. Yeah I learned my lesson that day right mom. Yeah you did I actually felt really bad that day you ate really fast that day. Guess what mom I'm done eating finally.

Alright your done eating are you ready for your surprise. Yes but can I ask you something real quick. Sure dear you can ask me anything you want. Do you know or have you heard of a kid named Ash? Oh no not really why do you ask dear? Oh nothing ok please show me my surprise please. Ok are you ready to see it Sarah? Yes please show me show me please I wanna know what it is. Ok I want you to turn around and close your eyes. I turned around but I didn't close my eyes. Ok I'm ready to see my surprise mom. I was starting to get nervous about his then I herd her say turn around. Then all I saw was a red velvet letter this is what it said.

We are pleased to inform you that Professor Augustine Sycamore would love to give you a starter Pokémon. You have the choice between Fennekin, Froakie and Chespin to choose from. Professor Sycamore wants to give you a Pokedex if your mother allows you to go on a long journey. We want to give you a partner so your not alone on your journey you need a Pokémon to protect yourself. We hope to see you in Lumiose city tomorrow Professor Sycamore sends his regards.

                                                       From Assistant Sophia Trent                                                                                                                                                       This letter wanted to make me jump for joy I was about to scream. Mom when can I leave please tell me I need to know. Actually you can leave right now if you want. Yay awesome I'm gonna go pack right now. I went upstairs got my purse and I started packing my stuff. Then my mom called me downstairs again so I went down. Hey your gonna need this on you journey dear. Then my mom gave me a pink backpack with purple stripes I loved it. Hey you should unzip it darling there's something else in there. First I pulled out a pink tablet but it looked like a map of some sort. Then I pulled out a white hat with a pink pokeball I the middle I loved it. I put it on it was hard because my hair was long thick and curly.

  Sometimes it's hard to brush my hair is surprisingly thick. Hey honey do you love your presents? Yes mom I love them so much thank you so much. I'm gonna go pack mom I'll be down in a minute. I went back upstairs with my purse and backpack then I started to pack. I got my purse first I got a change of clothes my ball gown and my phone. Then I got my backpack I went downstairs to get my amazing trail mix that I made. Put a lot of it inside of a huge plastic bag. Then I got a couple of my favorite dresses cause I'll never know when I'll need them. Then mom came up and she handed me a paper bag. Hey mom what's in this bag? Their your cookies dear remember you made them last night. Oh yea I might make some friends along the way so they can taste my delicious cookies. Just be safe Sarah and be sure to call me if you can.                                                                                        I finally got all packed up with things I need I have to be careful. Are you about to leave Sarah? Yes mom I'm gonna miss you while I'm out I love you. I love you too give me a hug before you leave please. I gave her a hug then I grabbed my stuff and ran out the door and onto the path. I saw the forest in the distance and was about to start my journey. I read the letter I need to get to Lumiose city by tomorrow. Then I look up and I see a plane landing is it just me or does the next plane land in Lumiose city? It does so that means I'm getting closer to where I need to go. Then I see a large tower oh my goodness it's prism tower I'm here. Alright now I need to find Professor Sycamores lab.


Ok where do I go I don't know then I see a girl with strawberry blonde hair. Then I decided to ask her if she knew where the lab was. Excuse me I hate to bother you but do you know where Professor Sycamores lab is? Oh yea I'm heading over there right now actually. Would you like to walk with me to the lab? Yea my name is Sarah I'm getting a Pokémon for a journey. Nice to meet you I'm one of his assistants I'm Sophia. Wait are you the one who wrote this letter? Actually yes I am good to see you Sarah I want you to have the time of your life on this journey. Oh trust me I will I can't wait to start my journey. Well here we are Professor Sycamores lab. Awesome thank you Sophia for walking me here. Ok after you go ahead. Professor I got the medicine that you asked for! Awesome Sophia that's good wok good job. Hey who's your friend who's with you? Oh hello Professor Sycamore my name is Sarah the girl you sent the letter too.

Oh I forgot you were coming Sarah so are you here for a starter Pokémon? Yes I am I can't wait for one I already know who to choose. Ok Sophia can you get the starters for me please. Uh sir we have a terrible problem all the starters are sick. Really when will thy be healed? In twenty five minutes then your deadline will be over Sarah I'm sorry. Oh please professor there must be a Pokémon for me to have there must. Well there is one but I don't think you can tame it yet. Please I'll do anything for a Pokémon Professor please show me. Ok if you insist here it is. He showed me a Pokeball with a lightning bolt on it. Then I saw a yellow figure. It finally showed it was a Pikachu with a heart tail.


I thought it was perfect I loved her so much. I'll take it I'll tame it myself hello Pikachu I'm Sarah nice too meet you. Pikachu looked scared so I gave it a kiss on the head. Then Pikachu calmed down and went Pikachu then I looked at it with love. Wow Sarah I'm impressed this Pikachu usually that Pikachu is really angry. Well come on Pikachu we got a long journey ahead of us. Wait I got some things for you here's a device called a pokedex. Point it over to Pikachu try it out it's like an encyclopedia.


Pikachu the mouse Pokémon. This Pokémon along with other electric types can commune with each other using electricity. ​What do you think of the pokedex Sarah? I like it it's a pretty cool device actually. Great I'm glad you liked it Sarah there's one more thing. Here's five pokeballs you can use them to catch Pokémon. Do you already know how to catch Pokémon Sarah. Actually yes I do I saw my mom catch a Pokémon before. Ok if you ever need help you can give me a call. He handed me a piece of paper with his number on it then I gave him mine. I thanked Professor Sycamore for Pikachu I was exited to have my own Pokémon again. I thought it was a good idea to explore the city real quick.





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