Lost Love A Pokemon Fanfiction

My name is Sarah and today I start my journey as a Pokémon Trainer then I meet my childhood friend Ash Then I fall in love with him but I know that he has the same dream as mine I want him to accomplish it I love him too much


7. I Missed You Part 2

So the trainer was hurting that Riolu? Yes when I saw him slapping that Riolu I wasn't having it. You did the right thing Sarah. Bonnie looked at me with sad eyes I looked back at her. Bonnie what's wrong are you ok? Sarah what's gonna happen to Riolu? Hopefully he gets fully healed in time. Nurse Joy came out of a room and walked over to me. Riolu is going to be just fine and I think he wants to see you. Ok then I'll visit him and help him. As we were walking down a long hallway Nurse Joy started talking to me. It was a good thing to do you helped that Riolu when he was hurt. I couldn't just stand there and watch that. Your a hero to that Riolu I think he likes you. Your welcome to take him out of there and take him with you. Wait you mean catch him?


Why not, he likes you a lot and he was really happy when his treatment was over. I'll offer and if he doesn't want to go with me, what will I do then? Then release him into the wild if he wants to. Ok were here good luck catching him. When I walked into the room Riolu was eating some Pokémon food. Hey Riolu how are you? It's about time you came to see me Sarah. Ahhhhhh!!!! Are you alright Sarah? Are you talking to me for real? Your a really special girl only a few can hear my words. This is awesome I always wanted to actually talk to my Pokémon! I want to thank you for saving me from that "trainer" I am forever grateful.  


Hey Riolu can I ask you a question? Sure thing, what is it? Will you come with me on my journey? Do you want to catch me? If you say no then it's ok we can still be friends. Of course you can catch me Sarah! But before you do there's something you need to know. You can't let anyone know that you can hear me speak. Your secret is safe with me Riolu. Alright throw the pokeball and catch me. I threw the pokeball at Riolu and he stayed in there instantly. I did it I caught my first Pokémon I caught Riolu! Pikachu Pika Pikachu! Oh Pikachu guess what you have a new friend. Welcome to the group Riolu. I walked back to the lobby and saw Ash, Clemont and Bonnie. Hey Sarah is Riolu gonna be ok? Bonnie he is ok, but do you wanna see something cool?


Sure what is it is it cute? You bet the most adorable thing you've ever seen. Is it something safe for Bonnie? Clemont he will protect her with his life. Sarah what is it already I wanna see it. Ok Bonnie calm down I'm looking for it. Ah here it is, are you ready to see him. Yes I wanna see it so bad! Ok then, Riolu come on out! Wow Sarah you caught Riolu that so cool. Thanks Ash I caught my first Pokémon just like you said I would. See I told you that you could do it. Thanks Ash you gave me my confidence. Wait I did? If it wasn't for you I wouldn't've caught him. Ash blushed again he looks so cute when he's blushing.


​I didn't know that I helped you as much. So why did you want to go here before hitting the road? Oh I gotta get registered real quick. Hey Clemont what's he getting registered for? Oh he's getting registered for the Pokémon league. Wait you have to get registered for that? You do when you get badges you can just enter instead of registering there. Wow I had no idea. Alright I'm done, you guys ready to go? I didn't reply I just stood there. Hey Sarah ae you alright? Hey can you guys wait for me outside? Why? I need to do something real quick. Ok we'll wait for you Sarah. Thanks guys I'll see you in a few minutes. I started getting more flashbacks.


It was the day before Eevee was stolen we were playing with Ash. Come on Sarah we both made it up here. I can't I'm so scared, how did you even make it up there? Come on up here Sarah the view is awesome. But I can't I'm so scared. I started to cry my eyes out right where I was standing. Hey don't be scared open your eyes for me. I opened my eyes and Ash was standing in front of me. Hey I'll help you up there take my hand. I remember taking his hand and blushing a lot. Don't worry you'll be ok Sarah Eevee is waiting for you. Ok I'm not scared now that your helping me. I'm always going to help you even when we're apart. Thanks Ash I'm always going to help you too. Awesome we have each others backs no matter what.


I remember seeing a beautiful view as soon as I got there. Eevee come here please. Eeveeee!!! Eevee jumped in my arms smiling at me. Oh Eevee I was so scared when I was down there. Hey Sarah come here for a second. Ok Ash hold on a second! I'll be right back Eevee stay here. I walked over to Ash he was standing near the edge of the cliff. Ash what are you doing over here? I want you to see the sunset for a second. Ash made me walk in front of him since I was smaller then him he was a little taller then me. Ash this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Hey Sarah I need to tell you something. I've wanted to tell you this for a long time. Sarah I, Sara Ash it's time to go! Oh it's time to leave. What did you want to tell me Ash?


​He ignored me for the rest of the day that day. I was about to make a big decision probably the biggest one I ever made. I walked up to Nurse Joy and I made a big decision. When I walked outside I saw Ash, Clemont and Bonnie waiting for me. Hey there you are, what took you so long Sarah? I looked at him for a split second then I hugged him. Sarah what are you doing? I just made a huge decision that you may or may not like. Ok then what did you do? I opened my purse and pulled out my badge case. Wait are you entering the league too? Yes I can't wait to compete with you. Are you seriously competing or am I dreaming?


This is real life Ash look at the case. He stared at my badge case for a minute. He looked down and closed his eyes. You know what Sarah? What are you mad at me Ash? No because I'm so happy for you. He hugged me this time. I was blushing so much I couldn't stand it anymore. Ash are you really happy for me? What do you think my answer is? Uh I don't know, yes? Of course I'm happy for you Sarah. We were both dreaming of this when we were little. Your right I remember that sleepover hehe. I remember too you slept on the floor when I slept in the bed. It wasn't that bad though haha. Ok are you ready to hit the road now? You bet I'm ready I'm exited now. Ok then lets go Riolu return! Riolu returned and all of us ran to Route 2 our journey was about to begin.

  Hello Sarah nice too see you again hehe. Who's there who are you? Ash looked more confused then I did. How do you know my name who are you? You probably remember us hehehe. When the strange voices came out of the tree I couldn't believe my eyes. They were the same people that took my Eevee all those years ago. You guys what are you doing here get away from me! Oh I know what's going on you miss your Eevee. Am I correct this time? What do you think, of course I miss my Eevee. Well how would you react if we said she's with us right now? Wait what did you just say? She's with us right here right now. GIVE HER BACK TO ME RIGHT NOW YOU STUPID THEVIES! Now that's not so polite is it? Oh when I get over there your gonna pay! When I tried running at them Ash stopped me. Sarah don't do it I don't want to see you hurt.  


GIVE ME BACK MY EEVEE RIGHT NOW! I tried to break free from Ash he wouldn't let me go. I started to calm down I got on my knees and I started to cry. Please just let me see her I want my friend back. I started crying my eyes out. I felt something grab my chin I couldn't stop crying. Hey Sarah look at me please? I looked up Ash was smiling at me. Look it's going to be alright I'm right here with you. I stopped crying and made a fist. Please let me see her, I want to see my long lost friend. Ok then since you asked so nicely. She pulled out a Pokeball and threw it on the ground. Out came a Pokémon it wasn't my Eevee but it was something similar. It was an Espeon she was beautiful. What the...Eevee is that you?  


Espe..... Go to her Espeon it's Sarah. Espeon slowly walked up to me I knew exactly what she was doing. I held out my hand to Espeon. Espeon it's me Sarah, do you remember me? Espeon stared at me for a minute. She started rubbing against my hand just like a baby Meowth. Oh Espeon you remember me I missed you so much! I saw a tear in Espeons eye. It's gonna be alright now I promise. Hahahaha do you really think we would give her back that easily. Wait please don't please no? Espeon return right now! Espeon looked at me before returning into her pokeball. What do you want from me? Whatever you want I'll give it to you please give her back to me. Your gonna have to catch us If you want your Espeon. She ran away I was running after her. Come back here with my Espeon!   She got into this plane thing I managed to hide inside of it just in time. I'm gonna get you back Espeon I swear. No matter what it takes I'll find you. I hope Ash finds the note I left for him underneath that rock. I'll be back soon. I need to take care of my friend.                                                                                      

                                                                                           To be continued.........    






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