Letters of an Outcast

She was outcast. She had many things to say and so little time left.


5. 5

"My parents didn’t ask for you this time. I guess they gave up the second time you didn’t come. It was a tradition that every second Monday after starting schools you would come to my house and we would complain and organize everything for the rest of the school year.

In freshman year you came but you left early, there was a party going on. You didn’t come our sophomore year, we hadn’t been talking for a while but I still hoped you would show up, you didn’t and I ate the ice cream tube by myself. As juniors you didn’t came either, I wasn’t expecting you too but my parents were, they had asked for you last year too. They didn’t ask anything anymore as I ate the ice cream by myself.

Since the day before school my parents stopped bothering me, they think my depression is because of that one thing, nothing related to you. Truth is, everything depresses me."


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