Letters of an Outcast

She was outcast. She had many things to say and so little time left.


2. 2

Today was the first day back to school, we are senior now. Isn’t it awesome? No it isn’t. Remember how back in elementary school we craved high school? How we wished we could grow faster so we could attend it? The boys, the parties, the clothes, the adventures, the happiness. We wished all of those things, and you have them, good for you.

I remember our first day in high school, our first freshman day. We were both scared, we were lost puppies, and we separated by our schedule, only meeting in lunch time and math. Remember how we suffered? Later that day I accompanied you to the tryouts and you made it into the football team. You were smiling like it cost nothing; your smile was so wide I actually thought your face would crack. But then you saw that one tear slip down face and your smile disappeared, you came close to hug me. You asked me what I was wrong and I told you that I was scared that I would lose you. Do you remember how you assured me that it would never happen, that you would never leave my side. Where are you now?

That first day you promised that on our first day as seniors we would party like crazy. Eat thousands of ice cream tubes together. I’m here alone in my room, eating them all by myself as I watch your shadow go to sleep.

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