Try hard - 5sos

Sophie is a 17 year old girl in high school, she is bullied by this one girl called Anna, but one day when Annas boyfriend hires 5 seconds of summer to surprise Anna at school everything changes for Sophie... I wanna say before you start that i'm not that good at English so sorry if i don't write some words exactly -SeCute <3


7. "Please listen to me"

I was sitting on my computer when i got a text....from a number i don't know, i opened the text

Hey Sophie, it's me Luke, I just wanna ask if you wanna come over tomorrow after school?



I smiled and replied

Ya sure, where?

-Sophie :-)


I'll pick you up after school?

-Luke :-)


Sure see you then ;-)



I locked my phone and layed it on my bed going downstairs where Joe was sitting....with his annoying girlfriend Kate

"HI SOPHIE!" Kate yelled smilling while wawing at me

"Heyyy!" I smiled and looked at Joe who was to busy looking at Kate

"How are you?" She asked

"I'm good, how are you?" I asked looking at her

Wait a minute, I should probably tell you why i hate this girl, first thing you should know is that my brother is VERY popular and Kate is also popular but after her boyfriend dumped her she wasn't popular so she moved on to my brother and BOOM Popular again!

Sooo I hate this girl for using my brother..


"I'm good, Joe is taking me out for dinner tonight at this popular resturant!" She said smiling wawing her blonde long hair out the way with her fake nails while she kissed Joe on the cheek


"Woooow" I said looking at my brother

Joe looked at me confused

"Well I better get going i gotta get ready" she said kissing Joe on the lips

"I'll come pick you up at 7" He said following her out

He closed the door after her and quickly turned around looking at me

"What's you're problem?" He asked 

"My 'problem' is her" I answered

"Why?" he asked looking confused

"Can't you see she is using you Joe?" I asked 

"Not that again Sophie" He said walking past me

"Yes this again Joe, she is going to break you're heart i'm warning you Joe please listen to me, like who get's dumped and the next day gets a new boyfriend after having the old one in a year!" I yell angry

He stops looks at me and then turns around walking to the kitchen

"Please listen to me"


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