Try hard - 5sos

Sophie is a 17 year old girl in high school, she is bullied by this one girl called Anna, but one day when Annas boyfriend hires 5 seconds of summer to surprise Anna at school everything changes for Sophie... I wanna say before you start that i'm not that good at English so sorry if i don't write some words exactly -SeCute <3


2. "Oh god"

I found the class i should be in and sat down at the table in the back

Anna came in with her boyfriend laughing, i looked at them and looked away, i can't stand those two people!


I just sat there looking confused but i could guess it was Annas birthday, but i did'nt sing, hell i'm never gonna sing for her, she don't deserve someone singing to her, she is so mean!

She started laughing even more and when they were done with that stupid song we all sat down and the teacher came in

"Okay so everybody open you're books on page 26 and start reading" our teacher mrs. Johnson said and sat down in her chair

I sighed and opened my book on page 26 and started reading about some boring dude 

The bell rang and i got up, i took my backpack and walked to my locker

"What's up?" 

I closed the locker and saw my best friend Adam, he had purple hair and and black nails today

"Wow you changed you're hair!" i said laughing

"Ya i know, do you like it!" he asked and smiled alot

"Ya it's cool!" i answered and messed up his purple hair

"Hey stop i used an hole our on this!" he said and pointed to his hair

" you used a hole HOUR omg that is crazy!" i laughed and swung my back over my shoulder

Suddenly someone started playing on a guitar and then i heard alot of screaming

"What is going on?" i asked and walked towards the sound with Adam following me

"It's coming from the cafeteria" he said and opened the doors to the cafeteria

Inside the cafeteria there was a bunch of screaming girls and on a platform there were 4 guys playing and singing

"Oh god" Adam whispered and pointed to the stage

"What?!, what oh god??" i asked and tried to look over the crowd

"Here" he said lifting me under the arms, i could finally see something but it was not a good thing, the 4 guys were singing to someone

And that SOMEONE was Anna!


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