Try hard - 5sos

Sophie is a 17 year old girl in high school, she is bullied by this one girl called Anna, but one day when Annas boyfriend hires 5 seconds of summer to surprise Anna at school everything changes for Sophie... I wanna say before you start that i'm not that good at English so sorry if i don't write some words exactly -SeCute <3


1. I'm Sophie!

Hi my name is Sophie, i'm 17 and in high school, ya let's just get right into it shall we?


I woke up at 7, i forced my legs out of the bed and took a shower, after the shower i changed into my clothes, a black beanie, my black jeans, red top and my red cardigan, I ran downstairs where my brother Joe was sitting


"Hi Bro, can you please drive me to school today?" i asked and took an apple from the counter

"No" he said and looked at his phone again

"Pleeeaaaseee!" i pleaded and looked him in the eyes

"Noo" he said and laughed

"What else can you do, sit at home and look at your phone?" i asked

"Ya, that is what i'm gonna do but right now your stopping me from doing that" he said and got up

"Come on pleeaaasseee!" 

"Ugh fine, now can you leave me alone?" he walked up the stairs while looking at his phone

"Thank you!" i yelled 


I ate my breakfast and took my back pack


I walked into Joes room 

"Whaat?" he said

"I'm going to school now, and you promised to drive me" i said and walked over to him

"Okay, i'm coming" he said and locked his phone


We walked downstairs and got in the car, after about 20 minuets we arrived at the school

"Thank you for driving me" i said to Joe and kissed his cheek

"Ya, your welcome, see you at home!" he then drove off


I turned around and looked up at the big red building, before i could even take a step i was pushed to the side

"Move freak" Anna the dummest girl at the school said and walked past me

"Could you not" i said offended

"What did you say?" she asked and turned around

"I said, could you not" my voice was loud and clear

"You better keep your dirty mouth shot, before i shot it for you!" she said harsh and walked away

I rolled my eyes and started walking up to the school...


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