Try hard - 5sos

Sophie is a 17 year old girl in high school, she is bullied by this one girl called Anna, but one day when Annas boyfriend hires 5 seconds of summer to surprise Anna at school everything changes for Sophie... I wanna say before you start that i'm not that good at English so sorry if i don't write some words exactly -SeCute <3


6. I think I owe Adam a "Thank you"

"Well that took you long enough" Joe said starting the car once again

"Sorry, something came up" I said smiling at the thought

I think i owe Adam a "thank you"..


"So what came up?" Joe asked driving out of the parking lot

"You know h-homework and s-stuff" I said

One thing you should know about me is that i stutter when i lie, i really can't help it, it's like i just can't get the lie to leave my mouth without stuttering..

"Ya right, what REALLY came up?" He laughed

"Stuff" I answered looking out the window

"What stuff Sophie?" He asked 

"A boy" I mumbled

"A what?" He asked

"A BOY B-O-Y" I said out loud

"Ooohhh" He said smirking

"Who is this boy?" He asked

"Someone called Luke" I answered smilling 

"But he is just a friend" I said quickly after

"Ya right, just a friend" He said laughing

"I mean it Joe, he is just a friend, now can we please change the topic?" I asked

He drove into the parking lot and we got out walking towards our apartment

We were quiet in the elevator and when we reached our floor i got out quick and ran into our apartment and ran to my bedroom, i pulled my laptop up and searched: 5 seconds of summer

Thousands of results came up, i pressed pictures and a lot of pictures of the 4 guys popped up

"Omg" I mumbled

I then searched them on YouTube, and listened to their songs

"Omg they are good!" I said to myself smiling




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