Try hard - 5sos

Sophie is a 17 year old girl in high school, she is bullied by this one girl called Anna, but one day when Annas boyfriend hires 5 seconds of summer to surprise Anna at school everything changes for Sophie... I wanna say before you start that i'm not that good at English so sorry if i don't write some words exactly -SeCute <3


3. 5 seconds of summer

"Ugh" i mumbled and gave Adam a sign to put me down

"Can we go?" i asked annoyed

"No the band is really good, just listen to them Sophie!" he yelled over the music

"Um no thank you, i'm gonna go now" i said and walked out of the cafeteria


30 minuets later:


I was walking on the halls when i heard the annoying laugh that belongs to Anna, i took my phone out of my pocket and put my headphones in and pressed play, Green day with boulevard of broken dreams started playing and i started walking down the hall

When i turned a corner Anna was standing with the 4 guys from the stage, i was about to turn around when someone grabbed my arm, i yanked my arm to me and turned around 

Anna was standing in front of me smilling with the 4 dudes beside her

I took my headphones out and looked at her

"What?" I asked 

"Sophie this is a band called 5 seconds of summer, they just played for me in the cafeteria, why were'nt you there?" she asked

The 4 guys looked at her weird

"Uhm i was but then i left" i said and looked her in the eyes

"Why did you leave don't you just love their music" she asked and laughed at me


Where is she going with this? She is trying to make me look bad in front of them, that little

"Their music was good but i don't like you so there you got your answer goodbye" i said and was about to walk away

"Uh rude!" she mumbled and laughed

"Sorry about her, her parents died in a car accident and ever since the day they died she has just been acting all weird and stuff, her parents actually deserved to die they were as weird as their daughter" she said and laughed a little

I stopped dead in my tracks and just stood there in shock

"That is really mean" I heard a male voice saying

I slowly turned around and looked at a smiling Anna

"I'm telling you this one time you little diva, you don't EVER talk about my parents behind my back YOU GOT IT!" i said annoyed

She laughed and looked at the guys probably expecting them to laugh too, but they just looked at her like she was crazy

Anna stopped laughing and turned around and walked away

"i'm sorry, i'm Sophie" i said looking at the 4 guys taking a deep breath

"Um ya no problem she was really mean, i'm Luke, this is Calum, Michael, and Ashton" Luke said pointing to each of the guys

"Hi" i said smiling


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