Nothing's Right [FINISHED!]

A princess named Caroline doesn't like the way her father is running things around the palace. Ever since her mother passed, it seems he doesn't know what to do, and he won't listen to his own daughter. Caroline tries to fix things, but how far will she really go?


1. Chapter One

  My father used to be a very thoughtful and smart man, but when my mom passed he changed. Now he has flipped this kingdom upside down. I am standing in front of a crowd full of men at this point. My father is doing a test to see who he thinks is best for me. If mother was here, she'd tell me to follow my heart, but my father has changed that. Now he is just a stubborn man, and he doesn't care for a word that slips out of my mouth.

  I have tried to tell him this isn't right, but he just pushes me to the side and looks away from me. Now that this little party is over I run outside to the garden to meet one of my truest friends. "Harrison!" I shout waving to him. He looks up and smiles. As I'm reaching up to him he asks, "How'd the little thing go over there?" I sigh,"My father just doesn't understand. He can't just expect me to instantly fall in love with any guy!" Harrison just nods. I continue. "I just want to follow my heart, like my mum always told me, but he just doesn't listen to me," I sigh again in frustration.

   Harrison nods,"I get it, you want you're true love, not some stranger you've never even met before. You're fathers not thinking right," Harrison says pulling a weed out of the ground. I just nod. I then think of how Harrison said true love. I smile to myself. Harrison and I have known each other for at least four years now. Since he moved to our town. My father hired him as the gardener after a couple of years, but I knew him before, through private school.

I honestly have never thought of Harrison as my true love, but I have always had a little crush on him. He's a little lean with light brown hair and the most sparkling green eyes. He's the only boy I truly know. I snap out of dreamland when I hear Harrison ask me something. I scrunch up my nose a bit, "Sorry what did you say?" I smile a bit. "I asked, why were you smiling at me?" I looked down at my feet, a little embarrassed I didn't know I was looking at him. "Oh, um, I was just thinking of something funny," I said, having a hard time thinking of an excuse.

He just smiled at me and shook his head. "What you don't believe me?" He looked up from his plant, "No." I scoffed, "Well why not?" He just laughed and said, "Well what were you thinking about then?" He smirks and looks down back at his plants. Damn. Now what do I say? "Um, er. Whatever. It's not that big a deal," I stutter just brushing it off. He looks up at me and stands up. He's actually really tall. "Thought so," he says laughing a bit. I just roll my eyes and look down.

Harrison surprises me when he grabs my chin and looks me in the eye for a second. I just look at him in his gorgeous green eyes. He leans in a bit, I take in the suspense. He quickly smiles leans to the left, and licks my cheek. "What the hell Harrison!" I wipe my cheek and run after him as he makes his way to castle gate and through the trees. "Harrison!!" I yell. He's laughing his butt off whilst running fast. I finally catch up to him and tackle him to the dirt.

I pin his shoulders down as he continues to smile and laugh. "Ugh you litt-" but then Harrison cut me off when he gently pushed his lips onto mine. I didn't pull away, considering I was going to let him before when he licked my cheek. He pulls away slowly and puts his head on the ground and I roll off him and fall to the side of him. "Why didn't you just kiss me before when you licked my freakin cheek?" I ask him. He starts to smile then laughs a bit, "Because I wanted to see if you'd let me kiss you," He says turning his head to me.

I smile and turn my head towards him. "Oh." Well he just made this even harder. "So?" he asks. "Well my fathers not going to let me be with you, because he just wants to stick with his new "pick out my future prince" thing," I say rolling my eyes and sighing. After a long pause he says,"We'll figure this out, together." Harrison reaches down for my hand and I lace my fingers with his.

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