Nothing's Right [FINISHED!]

A princess named Caroline doesn't like the way her father is running things around the palace. Ever since her mother passed, it seems he doesn't know what to do, and he won't listen to his own daughter. Caroline tries to fix things, but how far will she really go?


5. Chapter Five

   I woke up, sun shining in my face, feeling dreadful. Harrison wasn't anywhere in my room. When I went into the washroom, I saw the most beautiful dress I have ever seen, besides my mother's wedding dress. The dress was on a little clothing stand. It was light blue and it had lace around the neck area, floor length, and it had lace sleeves just to cover the top of my shoulders. I also saw some really nice white strap sandals. "Oh my," I said. The I was wishing I could wear it somewhere I actually would like to be, instead of this outrageous event.

  I cleaned up, out the dress and shoes on, then there was a knock at my door. "Yes?" "Princess? I'm here to put your makeup on!" "Alright come in!" I say. I hear them open the door and I walk out. "Oh wow, you look beautiful princess," a lady with long gorgeous black hair and popping blue eyes. "Thank you, and you can call me Caroline. The word Princess gets a little tiring," I say laughing a bit. "Okay, Caroline. Sit in this chair please, and I'll get you all ready!" I nod and sit in the chair.

  Once she is done, I'm about to stand up when she stops me. "Almost forgot your earrings!" That's when I stop her. "I like to put in my own earrings. My mum used to do it for me, so I just like to do it myself," I say smiling putting the silver earrings with blue diamonds in them on. "Of coarse Caroline," she says smiling in almost a pitiful way. "Thank you very much... Oh wait what is your name?" She smiles,"It's Beatrice, but everyone just calls me Bea." "You have a beautiful name Beatrice," I nod to her.

  She says thank you, grabs her makeup kit, and leaves. I look at myself in the mirror hooked onto my wall and smile. I really do look beautiful. I was right about the light blue, or more like my mom was. She always said I pop in light blue. I'm just glad they agreed with me. I walk down the staircase where my father is standing. His eyes get a little teary and wide. "You look wonderful Caroline," he says extending his hand for me to take it. "Are you ready?" I think for a minute and just nod. "Thank you father."

  He leads me outside where everyone who was invited to the ceremony is. When we enter, everyone gasps and claps as they see my father and I. My father sits me down in my seat with red velvet and gold on it. Which is next to his, but his is a bit bigger than mine. I look into the crowd, but don't see Harrison, or his family. I frown, but then quickly smile as I realize everyone is still admiring my look.

  As my father walks off to greet people, I hear something different. "Pssss!" I look over to my left and see some person trying to wave me over. I look around and make sure no one's looking, then I dash off the stage looking thing. "Who are you?" I ask. It's a boy, maybe a year younger than me. Red head, blue eyes, and a dash of freckles. "Just come with me, and hurry! Before someone notices you're gone!" I look at this kid confused. He yanks at my arm and pulls me towards the woods, but the other way, away from everyone. We run into the woods and that's where I stop him.

  "Now can you explain?" He sighs of frustration, "No! We have to go now! Before people start looking for you!" I follow him again running a little deeper into the woods. We start to slow down when I see a flower path. I follow it with the boy still behind me. There's a little place with white chairs and a little white podium in front. "Um?" I turn around, but the boy has already run off into the bushes.

  "Hello? What is this?" I yell a bit. The I feel a hand on my shoulder. "Caroline?" I hear a familiar voice from behind. I gasp and slowly turn around. "Harrison!" I yell. We embrace in a tight squeeze and he kisses me tightly. "I knew you'd keep your promise!" He smiled at me and pulled away. "Of course," Then Harrison got down on the ground and I heard rustling around in the trees around us. I look around as a few people come out of the trees. People from the town, including Harrison's mum and brother. 

  I look back down at Harrison, as he gets on one knee. I completely freeze as I realize what he is doing. "Oh my..." He has the biggest smile on his face I have ever seen, and those emerald green eyes hit me again and the little dimple he has at the bottom corner of his lip. It's like everything in time was going slow, and everything was going by breathlessly.

   "Caroline, I have known you for four years now, but it feels like forever. And I know we haven't said these words yet, but I love you. I truly do. I couldn't imagine you getting married to some strange guy neither of us know. Or anyone really," he pauses a tear coming out of his eye, making it sparkle,"Anyways, before someone comes here looking for you. Caroline, will you do the honor of marrying me?"

  "I couldn't imagine marrying some stranger either," I say grinning hard with tears streaming down my face. Harrison picked me up and spun me around as he kissed me passionately. Everyone started clapping lightly. So no one would hear. "We have to do it now," Harrison said still holding me. I nodded quickly. We went up to the front of the podium, and the priest from town came up. He said all the things you're supposed to say at weddings. I wasn't paying attention honestly. I was just focusing on Harrison.

  Once the priest was done, he faced Harrison. "Harrison do you take Caroline as your wedded wife? Harrison stared at me for a moment, just admiring this moment, then said,"Yes I do," then he surprised me when he took a ring out of his pocket and took my hand, gently, putting it on my ring finger. Then his mum came up and handed me a ring for Harrison. I smiled at her. The priest turned toward me and said, "Caroline do you take Harrison as your wedded husband?" I did the same, looking at Harrison taking this moment. "Yes, yes I do," I put the silver ring on Harrison's finger.

   "You may kiss the bride. You're now officially married," the priest nodded at us and stepped back. Harrison took my chin in his hand like he did before and kissed me gently, but not too long. Everyone then clapped and cheered and clapped. "Now what?" I whispered to Harrison.


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