A Fox Love

A Fox Love is about a boy, Makin, who gains the power of Fox, only a tinch turns you into a Fox, a bottle turns you into the god Fox


1. Something Different

It was an ordinary day, I took a walk through the Cherry Blossom Tree Botanical Gardens and sat on the lush, green grass. As the wind blew the Cherry Blossoms off the branches, I noticed a figure, a person, a girl, watching me from behind the tree, with beautiful blood orange hair and ears... Her ears? they weren't at the side of the head, instead, they were on her head, was she a Fox, a Wolf? I knew Wolves only come out at night and Foxes come out day or night, but only when it was warm, but it was winter, the water surrounding the Cherry Blossom tree was frozen, at least 5 metres deep.

"Who are you?" I shouted to the strange girl, with strange ears. She just stood there. Instead, I walked onto the ice, it was slippery, little water puddles that haven't been frozen yet made me question what I was doing.

"Please come over." I called to her, suddenly, the sky went dark red, the sun turned into a moon. I was too startled with seeing this in the blink of an eye, that I slipped.


"Are you alright?" A female voice asked in concern. I opened up my eyes to see the Fox girl had caught me and was now at the Cherry Blossom tree where then, she did something to me.


A kiss...

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