A Fox Love

A Fox Love is about a boy, Makin, who gains the power of Fox, only a tinch turns you into a Fox, a bottle turns you into the god Fox


2. A odd place

As I woke up, I was in my room, nobody seemed to slip in or anything, the memory though. Of the fox was still in my memory. I peer at my alarm clock to see it was 7:30, I just finished 9th grade so I was alright. But, the Fox lady was still in my mind, I decided to get dressed, in my denim jeans and my long-sleeved royal blue tee, I opened my apartment rooms door, scanned my apartment card, went down the life and shot out to grab my bike, I wanted to ride back to the Botanical Gardens and cross over the river of ice. I slipped over the ice a few times, but in the end, I got over.

"That took too long" I said while out of breath, as I inspected the bottom of the trunk of the tree, I found a hole, a hole big enough for me to fit into. I squeezed in and found that this was no ordinary hole, it was a big underground system that a fox could've dug. I decided to look in the kitchen because girls like to cook most of the time, it's their passion.

"Hello?" I called out at the frame of the door, I peered inside and saw a girl, a fox girl that was sitting down looking at me, she seemed she was waiting for me to show up.

"Why do you live like this?" I asked with concern, "This place could collapse at any moment!"

"I wanted to live like this." The fox girl said "Anyway, this place can't collapse, I have support beams in here, one is the trunk of the tree. Now, you must leave."
"BULLSHIT!" I shouted at her, "I want answers, why did you watch me from the tree, why did you catch me instead of me hitting the ice?!"
"Ba..." She said angrily, "MY NAME IS KINASHA BAKA!"



I was out cold...

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