snapchat. ➳ l.h

"hey wanna come over and give me that blow job?"
"eww who are you?"


22. twenty two

luke.hemmo: when did you plan on coming to me? :-)

dianaa-york: idk. when am i allowed to come?

luke.hemmo: any time you want. you are always welcome here babe

dianaa-york: aw

dianaa-york: no but seriously. say a day

dianaa-york: wait did you just call me babe?

luke.hemmo: maybe.........

dianaa-york: you so did

luke.hemmo: sorry it just felt right

dianaa-york: it's okay. i like it :-)

luke.hemmo: oh alright :-)

dianaa-york: give me a day

luke.hemmo: let's saaaaay

luke.hemmo: tuesday?

dianaa-york: that will be perf

luke.hemmo: are you staying the night?

dianaa-york: idk. your choice

luke.hemmo: then you are staying :-)

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