snapchat. ➳ l.h

"hey wanna come over and give me that blow job?"
"eww who are you?"


21. twenty one

luke.hemmo: hey didi ;)

dianaa-york: hi luc-ass

luke.hemmo: what are you doing? ;)

dianaa-york: lying in bed, wbu

luke.hemmo: same actually ;)

dianaa-york: why do you keep sending me a ";)"

luke.hemmo: because it's fun ;)

dianaa-york: no it's creepy

dianaa-york: it makes me feel like you want something dirty

luke.hemmo: oh i would never, miss york!

dianaa-york: yes you would

luke.hemmo: okay yes i would

dianaa-york: you dirty boy

luke.hemmo: well sorry but i'm just a teenage boy

luke.hemmo: and teenagers like it dirty sometimes ;-)

dianaa-york: oh i know. i've met a few teenagers myself

luke.hemmo: well you still owe me a blow job

dianaa-york: no

luke.hemmo: and it's gonna be goooood

luke.hemmo: in fact it would be nice rn

dianaa-york: are you jerking off??!

luke.hemmo: no.....

dianaa-york: omg you so are!!

dianaa-york: that explains all the winky faces

luke.hemmo: i'm sorrRY BUT I HAVE NEEDS

luke.hemmo: you can help me?? :-)

dianaa-york: in your dreams hemmo

luke.hemmo: better than nothing ;-)

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