snapchat. ➳ l.h

"hey wanna come over and give me that blow job?"
"eww who are you?"


10. ten

luke.hemmo: i can't believe i'm finally going to meet you

luke.hemmo: it's like 22 hours left!!!

dianaa-york: really? you're counting down the hours?

dianaa-york: are you like one of those over cheesy people?

luke.hemmo: no i just happened to look at the clock

dianaa-york: yeah sure

dianaa-york: is ashton okay with driving you here?

luke.hemmo: he has no choice :-)

dianaa-york: woah you're such a nice friend!

luke.hemmo: i know :-)

luke.hemmo: no but on a serious note

luke.hemmo: he said he was okay with is

dianaa-york: good :-)

dianaa-york: btw what are we gonna do?

dianaa-york: are we gonna be outside or at my place or?

luke.hemmo: anywhere as long as i'm with you :-)

dianaa-york: stop with the cheesiness.

luke.hemmo: fine

luke.hemmo: but let's go somewhere maybe?

dianaa-york: sure

dianaa-york: and if we get bored we can go to my place

dianaa-york: my parents aren't home until next week anyway

luke.hemmo: sounds good to me :-)

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