snapchat. ➳ l.h

"hey wanna come over and give me that blow job?"
"eww who are you?"


9. nine

luke.hemmo: what are you doing didi?

dianaa-york: i'm lying in bed.

luke.hemmo: ohh doing something naughty? ;-)

dianaa-york: shut up.

dianaa-york: i'm watching a movie idiot

luke.hemmo: hey i'm no idiot

dianaa-york: only an idiot would say that

luke.hemmo: i hate you

dianaa-york: no you don't

luke.hemmo: no i really don't

luke.hemmo: but hey when are we meeting up?

dianaa-york: idk

luke.hemmo: on friday? i will drive to you :-)

dianaa-york: you can drive? aren't you like 15?

luke.hemmo: HEY

luke.hemmo: you know i'm 17 :-(

dianaa-york: i know i was just joking

luke.hemmo: good, and no i don't have my license yet

dianaa-york: then how are you gonna drive here?

luke.hemmo: i will just get ashton to drive me :-)

dianaa-york: oh okay

dianaa-york: so friday then?

luke.hemmo: yeah :-)

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