snapchat. ➳ l.h

"hey wanna come over and give me that blow job?"
"eww who are you?"


14. fourteen

luke.hemmo: guess what happened today

dianaa-york: you sat on your cat

luke.hemmo: what? no

luke.hemmo: i don't even have a cat!

luke.hemmo: i only have a dog, molly

dianaa-york: aw i love dogs

dianaa-york: let me see her

luke.hemmo: i'm not home so not rn

dianaa-york: :-(

luke.hemmo: back to the point!

luke.hemmo: guess

dianaa-york: idk you lost a foot

luke.hemmo: wow you suck

dianaa-york: thanks i try

dianaa-york: now tell me

luke.hemmo: you know since it's finally christmas break

luke.hemmo: i realized that we have a few weeks of freedom

luke.hemmo: which means that i can go and see you. a lot

luke.hemmo: that's the first thing that i realized today. second:

luke.hemmo: me, ashton, michael and calum are going clubbing

luke.hemmo: that's the plan at least

luke.hemmo: but i figured that i could go see you instead

dianaa-york: why here? why not in sydney?

luke.hemmo: bc one of the clubs sucks at checking id's there

dianaa-york: oh okay, when is this?

luke.hemmo: in five days

luke.hemmo: can't wait to see you again :-)

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