snapchat. ➳ l.h

"hey wanna come over and give me that blow job?"
"eww who are you?"


15. fifteen

luke.hemmo: asfhsljk


luke.hemmo: ahjgkfsldg

dianna-york: agshf what are we doing ashagh

luke.hemmo: i'm just excited

dianaa-york: why?

luke.hemmo: bc i get to see you in a few days :-)

dianaa-york: aww

dianaa-york: you're cute sometimes you know

luke.hemmo: bc i get excited to see you? or in general?

dianaa-york: in general

luke.hemmo: aw you too didi

dianaa-york: hey by the way

dianaa-york: since you're going clubbing

dianaa-york: will you be staying the night?

dianaa-york: i mean since there will be drinking i guess

luke.hemmo: oh yeah about that...

luke.hemmo: the boys wanted me to ask if we could maybe

luke.hemmo: stay at your place that night?

dianaa-york: sure, my parents won't be hold anyway

luke.hemmo: really? we don't wanna intrude

dianaa-york: you won't. i could use some company

luke.hemmo: oh great :-)

dianaa-york: then i finally get to meet calum and mikey

luke.hemmo: did you like ash?

dianaa-york: yeah!!

luke.hemmo: good. then you will like them too :-)

dianaa-york: great! hopefully i will hear more embarrassing stories of youuu

luke.hemmo: that was not fun :-(

dianaa-york: yes it was pukas

luke.hemmo: fuck you :-(

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