Mission: Best Friend

Would you do anything for your best friend? Find out a way to get her to meet her idols? That is what Hunter Grey wants to do for her deaf best friend, Gianna Ryder. But her parents can't find out. (Entry for The Battle of the Fandom competition)


1. Prologue



Hunter's P.O.V


"I know! It sucks!" I shouted as I did the sign language to my deaf friend, Gianna. My parents ended up grounding me from going to our favorite band, 5 Seconds of Summer. Even though Gianna is deaf she loves how the beats of the drums make her heart pump. I even sign language the lyrics so she would know them. Every time a song of their's comes on I sign language her what is on and she nods her head like she can hear it. 


Gianna signs back with a 'What did you even do?". I sighed. I went to a big teenage party without my parents knowing and it got so out of control the cops came and made me call my parents. They were so mad. They gave my tickets to my cousin and her friend. I was going to take Gianna because I got them on my 18th birthday. 


Gianna actually was born with hearing but after the scarlet fever took over when she was about 6. It was a miracle that it didn't take her eye site too. I spent months learning sign language just to speak with her. It all paid off now because she doesn't have to feel so lonely. No one talks to her because of her deafness and they don't want to take the time to learn the language. 


"It's a long story," I answered and signed. Even though she can't hear it I still talk like she can. My teacher says it sometimes helps when you are speaking and signing to them because sometimes you don't get confused. Gianna told me once she likes when I do talk and sign because one day she will learn to read lips and talk like she was never deaf. It makes me sad because she really wants to be social with more people. I still was thinking of the 5 Seconds of Summer concert and then it hit me.


I will just have to find a way for me and her to meet them. Mission: Best Friend is a go!




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