Springtrap x reader

Your 12 you were kicked out of your home by your mom and that's when you met Mike . He took you in and became a father two you working at some crazy job at a pizzeria he loves it despite trying to be killed by robots. You didnt mind until that day,


2. The encounter

You were now running for your life you ran to the living room and hid under a table. You heard footsteps and god did you hope you weren’t found. You closed your eyes when you heard the footsteps near you and you were pulled out from under the table by your legs. You screamed as you felt that you were exposed and you slipped under the bear. You ran upstairs where the fox was grabbing at your feet. You quickly dogged him and ran to the attic you closed the door and crawled into the little escape door. You shut the door quickly when you heard pacing up the stairs. You heard pounding and you closed your eyes and began to cry softly. You heard cracking and then a big burst and you knew they were in. You checked your phone to see it was only one you were stuck here for five more hours and possibly be killed.  You heard walking and you looked around to see if you could go further into the room. Then you heard the door being jingled you backed away into a corner when you heard the lock open. It opened to see the Fox staring straight at you and he growled and tried to get in. There was no way something that big was going to fit in such a small door. That’s when you saw a flash there entered a boy.
After him came in three more boys and a girl. You backed into a corner as they got near you. You couldn’t help but sob in the darkness you sat in the corner and sobbed knowing that you would die soon. You dug your head into your chest awaiting for your end. But it never came and you felt a hand touch your cheek. You looked up to see the red headed boy wiping your tears away.  You quickly ducked and got to the opposite side of them. You quickly crawled out the door and ran out. You were making your way out the door and you saw the Fox and the bunny were running after you. You were checking your phone it was 1:23 “Come on , I’m going to die here “ you yelled in the middle of the Street. You ran down the sidewalk and constantly checking your back to hit something hard. You looked up to see the golden bear in front of you. He gripped you kicked and screamed but he covered your mouth. In a split second you were in your room with all of them standing in front of you standing in front of you. He had this angry look in his eyes.

The bear walked over to you and hugged you tightly. You were completely shocked why they hugged you. You still weren't trusting these things. You literally flew down the steps and made your way out the back door and ran to the front where the gold bear was waiting but you quickly dodged him and ran faster. You could see him catching up and ran as fast as you could. When you saw a car driving up the road it was mike.

 You quickly waved at him and his car came to a stop. Holy crap, Y/N what are you doing are you crazy” he yelled as he pulled you into the car. “What are you doing outside at this time” he said driving. You reached your house and ran up stairs to your room to see that the door was completely closed and locked you sighed and put a chair on the handle and went down stairs. You told Mike that you thought you heard someone so you ran outside looking for someone to help you lied covering up the fact the killer robots are after you.

{Time skip next night}

You were sitting very close to the door. Man were you ready for them. You were on your phone had your music blasting in your ears when you heard a creak from upstairs. There was no way you were going to bed tonight. You heard footsteps and you started to unlock the door. You saw all of them rushing down the stairs by that time you were out the door. You were climbing up a tree and you got to the very top branch.  You saw them split up searching for you when the bear got near the tree. You stood as quiet as ever when you saw a centipede crawling up the branch. You were definitely freaking out if it was one thing you hated it was insects and creepy ones. You let out a yelp and the bear looked up and smiled. Now he was climbing up the tree you quickly got up and jumped to the branch closest to your house and thank god your window was open. You quickly jumped hoping you would make it. You got a grasp of the edge and now you were dangling from your window seal did you mention it was on the second floor. Monsters who wanted to kill you at the very bottom. You were slipping and your hands were failing you.  They ran around frantically not knowing where you were going to land.

You landed on something cold and metal you opened your eyes to see the bunny staring down at you. You tried to jump out of his arms but his grasp was tight and it got tighter. Now you were getting annoyed and you elbowed the bunny in the face and he let you go. Now you were surrounded by killer robots and the bunny wasn’t happy. Then they all stopped when the bear stepped forward and smiled. He tried to grab you and now you were sprinting towards the door and made your way inside.

You quickly ran upstairs and got to your room. You were now hiding in the shelf of your closet and now you were huddled in a corner hoping for mike to come home. You heard crashing and you went further into the corner. You heard running up the stairs and you finally heard banging on the door. The door flew open and they were filling in but they weren’t the robots they were the kids again. “Find her, I know she’s in here "the purple haired boy shouted and the brown haired boy put his arm on his shoulder. You could tell he wasn’t happy because you elbowed him in the nose earlier and now he was bleeding. They all wandered your room checking the bed and bathroom. Then they all stopped in front of the closet and were searching frantically. The boy passed his hand among the shelfs and he touched your leg. You were pulled down and you hit your head on the carpet.

“Found you” he said smirking they all surrounded you. Two of them stood at the door and window. Now you couldn't escape. “Now bonnie she just a girl, no need to be rude she was just scared” the brown haired boy said.” YEAH Bonnie” you said smartly and he scowled and you quickly hid behind the brown haired boy. “Now dear, no need to be afraid he won’t hurt you but you do have to apologize” he said pulling you beside him. “Fine, I’m sorry Bonnie” you said annoyed. “Now introductions are in order, this is Foxy, chica, bonnie, Goldie, and I’m Freddy” he said pointing to each of them.

You knew who they were before but you never wanted to know who they were you didn’t even want to remember they were just so weird looking when mike first to you to the pizzeria. “We remember you dear, you use to come all the time then you stopped coming to see us” Freddy said standing with the rest of them. You saw that it was 5:55 and you were glad mike was almost home and they noticed you staring at the clock. “ Well dear we must go, until tomorrow night” he said walking off with the others into the room bonnie was the last to go in and he gave you a death stare before Freddy pulled him in and smiled at you. You heard someone open the downstairs door when you heard someone yell you knew it was mike and he went to your room as you layed in your bed with your eyes close. “What is this” he said pointing to the room. It was like a tornado passed were you goanna have some explaining to do.

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