Springtrap x reader

Your 12 you were kicked out of your home by your mom and that's when you met Mike . He took you in and became a father two you working at some crazy job at a pizzeria he loves it despite trying to be killed by robots. You didnt mind until that day,


6. Not the best place

Your dream

You were in the same pitch black room. Then appeared a man with all purple. He was holding a knife and he was smiling. " Hello cupcake, since your what mike cares for so much ill end you" he said holding up the knife. How did he know your nickname you've never even met him before. You tried to scream but your voice wouldn't come out. He stabbed you in the chest and laughed as he pulled out the knife...

End of dream. You quickly woke up yelling and sitting up terrified. " Y/N what's wrong" the boys asked worried gathering around you. Chica and foxy came out he room as well asking what was wrong. " Its nothing it was..." you said afraid to tell them what you saw." What was it Y/N" Freddy urged on. " I don't want to talk about it if you respect that" you said getting out of bed." I don't and where are you going" Freddy said abruptly. " To the bathroom, geez chill out" you taunted him walking to the bathroom Goldie and bonnie followed you and you closed the door in their face as they stood outside hearing you lock it. You felt like something was calling you. You opened the bathroom window and climbed out turning the shower on to distract the boys as you climbed down the tree.

Time skip 30 minutes later 

It ha been thirty minutes what was taking her so long. I was starting to get worried and called out to Y/N no answer. I tried again and still no answer Goldie looked like he was ready to barge in and I signaled him to. He pushed and jingled the door knob and remembered it was locked. " Do it the hard way then" bonnie said kicking down the door. Steam floated out the room and I opened the curtains to see she wasn't their. I looked around in the fog to see the window was open. The others saw " find her if she finds him hell hurt her" I said having Goldie transport me outside while the others went outside. 

Bonnies POV

" What's wrong" toy Freddy asked. " Y/n's missing" I said as he got up and the others followed after him, the marionette, mangle and balloon boy stayed behind for some reason as we went to go search for Y/N. Wherever he was I was goanna find her he's not goanna take her so easily.

Freddy's POV

We began to walk to where he was and we made our way towards the pizzeria the boss had come the other day and he said that they had finished they just needed to add the power. We were almost there and we got their to see the doors were wide open we were hoping it wasn't to late. When I heard a scream echo through the building I instantly knew it was Y/n and ran over to her. She was crying as if she hadn't realized what she was doing our where he had been." Where am I Freddy" she said looking up at me in the darkness. I picked her up and went to entrance where the pothers were waiting.

" What's wrong with you Y/N" Goldie scolded. I gave him a look and he shut up quickly. We walked back to Y/N's house where she held on for dear life. She looked terrified as if she couldn't remember what she had doing nearly half an hour ago. The toys were down stairs pacing around and constantly checking on Y/N and told them she would be fine but they insisted on keep checking. I knew something was wrong with Y/N just what was it and if it was him he was goanna pay hell when I get him." Do you think she found him" Goldie said. ' No but she was close to where he was we have to keep an eye on her" I said to Goldie. It was like she didn't even notice we were talking she just held onto me.

Your POV

How did you get into the pizzeria. You hated the eerie place and when you suddenly just got their in the darkness with this awful smell that filled the air like death and blood. You were terrified you kept trying to think about how you go their but it wouldn't pop up and you left it at that the last thing you remembered was going to the bathroom after that you couldn't tell what happened like if it had completely wiped from your memory. 

Freddy kept looking at you worriedly constantly asking if you were alright so did the toys which scared you remembering what Vincent said.


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