Springtrap x reader

Your 12 you were kicked out of your home by your mom and that's when you met Mike . He took you in and became a father two you working at some crazy job at a pizzeria he loves it despite trying to be killed by robots. You didnt mind until that day,


5. Grudges

Sorry I haven't updated in a long time I've been busy just a heads up this turns into a a small portion of reader x bonnie and then turns into a springtrap x reader completely so just understand that's what you'll see in the future chapters 

You yelled as you felt cheek was red and stinging and tears ran down your face. Toy Freddy dragged you back to the couch and sat next to you. His eyes turned normal he avoided your gaze. You just sat their crying as they watched tv. Once they were really into it you got your legs into a position you knew would work if you could run. Without a second thought you bolted off the couch and up the stairs with the toys running after you you made it to the room and locked your door. You turned around to see Freddy, Goldie, bonnie and foxy. "What happened to your face" he said pointing at your cheek. You hadn't even noticed you were bleeding it must have been when toy Freddy tried to drag you. " I said who did this Y/N" Freddy said in a forceful voice. " It was toy fred..." before you could finished Freddy was rushing out the room.

With Goldie, bonnie, and you behind him. You ran down stairs to see the toys sleeping.Freddy went over to the couch and grabbed Toy freddy by the shoulder. He instantly woke up and his eyes filled with fear. " I didn't mean to hit her I'm sorry it was an accident " he pleaded. " That was no accident and you know it" Freddy snapped back. He threw toy Freddy into the wall while bonnie was jumped by toy bonnie. Out of nowhere toy chica sprang to life and tackled Goldie which was useless because he teleported on top of her. You backed away as you saw Freddy slam toy Freddy on the table breaking the table along with him. Bonnie was throwing toy bonnie into the wall when all the sudden you felt something grab your neck and squeezing it tightly. You were being lifted off your feet when you were running out of air. You turned around to see mangle with pitch black eyes the ones you'd seen earlier. Everything was starting to get blurry and the room was getting darker by the second. The last thing you saw was Freddy jumping at you. 

Freddys Pov

" Y/N!" I said as she collapsed to the grown and mangle climbed away when foxy came out of nowhere and tackled him to the ground mangle quickly wrapped herself around foxy squeezing him tightly. Bonnie jumped at him and lifted her from the ground and threw her out the window how was I going to to explain that to Y/N. Toy Freddy threw a punch and got my attention. " What are you scared because your little friend might be dead where's your little chicken friend anyway" he said as he smiled wickedly. "Ill kill you" I said pounding at him as Y/N got up and we saw the clock it was almost six we had to get back. I signaled the others we had to leave and I grabbed Y/N and took her upstairs.

We left the toys downstairs unconscious and made our way back to the room. I layed Y/N onto the bed and checked if she was breathing thank god she was or they were goanna pay. "Well get them back you see" I muttered as the others went into the room and closed the door I layed next to Y/N and held her close. 

Your Pov

You were walking in pitch black you couldn't speak it was like your voice had disappeared. " they can try to save you all they want but in the end they'll kill you" a voice said from the darkness. " You may be precious to them but they know the truth about what they did. They can't hide the fact anymore. Don't worry you're not dead just in my world thanks too mangle she helped me get in touch with you....." Just know when I awaken I will make sure the toys will pay dearly...." the voice said laughing maniacally. You woke up to see Freddy lying next to you and the others standing in your room impatiently. "Y/N "they said over joyed. 

Freddy sat up fixing his top hat and vest. You were wondering what happened when it all hit you. Your head hurt but you shook it off. Everyone was staring at you worried." Whats wrong" they asked as they saw your expression. You decide not to tell them when you felt a stinging pain in your arm and leg. You looked down to see your pants stained with red and were teared where a deep cut was exposed. You looked at your arm to see it bleeding it wasn't as bad as your leg but it stung. " Ill tend to those wounds Y/N their my fault anyway" he said as he got up from the bed and pulled out a first aid kit. He ripped the rest of your jeans up to your knee which was kind of scary because he just tore through it like nothing. The rest of them went into he room and bonnie and Goldie stayed behind. Freddy finished tending your wounds and told you to rest you told him no because you felt completely fine. Then Goldie walked over you and lifted his hand to your eyes and your eyes started getting heavier and you fell asleep.

Bonnie Pov

"Freddy we need to talk" I said as he walked away from Y/N. " I know what's it about im well aware" he said dusting off his pants." You mean that he's already spoken with her and he's going to come back soon" Freddy said arranging some of the plushies and held up the golden bunny and squeezed it and placed it down gently. We needed to do something quick before he gets Y/N, we have to have a plan. We need to protect her she's everything to us and if she's gone our only hope ends " I said as Freddy fixed more thing of y/n's.

Freddys POV

When he awakes ill be ready im not letting you take her she's ours and will always be. I called bonnie and Goldie over and stared to discuss the plan. They understood it and they were sure they knew what they had to do for chica and foxy I had other things in mind. Its time they stop relying on us and fend for themselves, we have a fight to win...

Your POV 

You woke up again to see Freddy in deep thoughts and Goldie staring at you. " Y/N your awake" Goldie said surprise and bonnie looked at him as if something were wrong. ''Yeah what's the matter is something wrong" you said getting Freddys attention "go to bed" he said glancing at you." I would if you guys would go to to your room" you said pointing towards the door. They left and you fell back asleep after they saw you were sleeping they came back out and watched you closely nothing was going to hurt you under their protection.



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