Springtrap x reader

Your 12 you were kicked out of your home by your mom and that's when you met Mike . He took you in and became a father two you working at some crazy job at a pizzeria he loves it despite trying to be killed by robots. You didnt mind until that day,


10. A deal

" What's the problem" you asked Freddy who was. Staring at bonnie. Who was staring at Goldie. " Y/N they want to put us back into the pizzeria" Goldie said sighing. " What do you mean isn't that great" you said. " Not exactly we still have to deal with the toys." Bonnie said cracking his knuckles. You realized it was late and sleep was winning. You yawned and layed down . " Well talk about it later" you said sleepy drifting off into sleep.


Your dream


You were in the same pitch black place you saw spring bonnie. " Spring bonnie" you yelled out running towards him as he turned around. His eyes were red " M-My N-N-Name is SPRINGTRAP" he said glitching. " What do you mean you said you would always be spring bonnie for me remember" you said backing away further. " Don't fret Y/N im still here just not the same person, My names Vincent the purple guy" he said as a purple clouded whirled around him. Then stood a man in all purple with white eyes and a yellow badge. " Come here Y/N, I promise I won't hurt you this is the human version of me" he said holding out his hand. "I know your not spring bonnie you're a completely different person" you said backing away further. Then spring bonnie appeared. " Y/N wake u-up, R-R-run a-A way" he said as his eyes switched colors.

Then the purple guy was back and he had a knife in his hand. "Now come here before I have to get you, I don't want to have to use this" said holding up his knife. You ran without a second thought. Suddenly he appeared in front of you grabbing you by the waist. " Now your such a pretty thing to be killed, how about we make a deal" he said holding the knife close to your cheek and pressed in deeper. You screamed in pain as you saw blood run down your face. " Now if you listen I wont have to do much worse, Your going to turn on the suit like he told you and when you do you'll fall asleep once more to become mine and if you don't I believe your precious friends will die by my hand" he said swinging the knife around as you nodded. "now let's have some fun you can run and I have to catch you" he said letting you go and having his knife in position while you ran.


. As you ran you passed different rooms. One looked like a pizzeria ... wait a minute you knew this place. It was the pizzeria the old one and the others were there. You ran up to Freddy who was standing on stage. " Freddy!, Freddy!, WAKE UP!" you yelled as you saw Vincent getting closer.


Freddy's POV


I could hear someone in my head who was it. " Freddy, Please, wake me up or he's going to get me" I heard it say then I realized it was Y/N. " Y/n how are you in my head and who's after you" I asked her worried. " A purple guys after me and he's going to kill me" I heard her say as she screamed. I knew who she was talking about I called the others and went over to Y/n who had a deep gash in her cheek. 


Your Pov


Vincent was dragging you and cut your arm in the process. " You can never run once your mine" he said playing with his knife. " Now where should I start... ah yes, ill mark you as mine. He said grabbing you by the waist and lifted up your shirt. He placed his knife on the side of your stomach he started to press in your stomach. He started to carve a V in your stomach and you screamed in agonizing pain. He then cut himself and let his blood drip over your cut and it glowed red. " Now your mine, and when I take you which I highly doubt any other will dare too do , you'll be mine forever" he said chuckling. When was this going to end why couldn't you just have never fallen asleep why was this happening to you... All the sudden you felt cold and wet as Vincent started to fade away with the pizzeria.


You then saw you were in the bathroom with everyone around you. " Y/N your awake and then you started to feel the pain from before. Suddenly your cheek started to bleed, your arms was covered in blood, and the bath water was turning red. The others pulled you out immediately causing much more pain and you cried out for them to stop. " Ill take care of her" Goldie said picking you up as gently as possible. He walked you to the room and closed the door leaving the others outside. He layed you on the bed gently and he went to the bathroom and came back with a towel, alcohol, and some bandages.


He cleaned your cheek with a towel and some water and placed bandages on your cheek. " I think you should be fine now let me see your arm" he said lifting your arm up. He cleaned away the blood with the towel and saw that the cut stretched to your shoulder to near your elbow. He grabbed the alcohol and rubbed it on the cloth. You shut your eyes as you felt the stinging pain and whimpered a little as he rubbed on the rest. " Im sorry" he apologized pulling away. Once he was finished he wrapped your arms in bandages. He then went your stomach and saw the mark and look terrified and a sting pain came as he was about to touch it. You grabbed your pillow as he looked at you with an angry look. Goldie got up and left and you heard screeching . You heard yelling and screaming. You opened the door to see Goldie throwing things and his loving eyes were full of rage.

" That bastard" you heard Goldie screech." Goldie calm down" you heard Freddy yelled. " I can't calm down he marked her it's on her we can't do anything about it now " he yelled back. You heard all of them pacing towards your room. The door flung open and you backed away as they pinned you to the ground. Freddy held you down while bonnie lifted your shirt . They all saw the mark and theirs eyes filled with hate they quickly left the room. Bonnie stayed behind and you cried as he stared at the mark you quickly ran into the room. And locked the door and slid down to the ground sobbing in your knees. " Y/N open the door " he said softly. " Bonnie leave me alone, you're probably embarrassed if me you probably hate me bonnie, that's why I have to...." you sobbed out. " you have to do what" bonnie asked banging on the door. " I have to save you before he kills you!" you blurted out as you ran over to the suit. 


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