Divine Intervention

I see her rise from her fall. She trudges out of water in a bloodied white gown. Wings are twisted around her body twitching with every breeze. She looks up to the starry sky not angry, but confused. I guess it did hurt when she fell from heaven. Lucky me. Cover Art: Frazer Irving


1. Descent

     I am surprisingly cold. The wind is hurling me into different directions. It's pitch black, and the only thing I can hear is the popping of my limbs in and out of place. Trying steady myself I face the impending fall. Stretching out my silver wings brings a moment of relief, but the force is too great, and my left snaps backwards. I'm sent spiraling with no control. As I get closer to the surface I feel the temperature change almost suddenly. Small pockets of foam below me...ocean. My location has to be obvious by now. If they missed seeing the fall they'll definitely hear the impact.

     Its freezing.

     My muscles tighten the more I drift. Scorching saltwater invades my throat, nose, and ears. I'm clawing to reach the waters surface, but I weighed down by my wings. Air hits my face for a few seconds. Bittersweet. My skin feels as if its tearing off. Pebbles and shell shards cling to my lower body. Every lunge towards the beach is grinding the bits deeper. I keep trudging along not aware I'm a few feet from the waters edge. Its blood that's flowing down my body...not water. Every inch of me aches.


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