New Kid




"Summer's POV

I woke up with something on me i looked and saw luke on top of me i laughed and poked him in the eye yea thats righ the eye

"oww Summer whyd u do that" he said getting off me and rubbing his eye

"u were on me so i poked u" i said

"sorry" i kissed him and got up

"i think i should go home so my mom doesnt think im dead" i said and grabbed my phone and bag

"okay byeeeee Swummer" he said in his baby voice

"*laughing* bye"

I walked inside and mom came running up to me

"WHERE WERE U"she screamed

"i was at Lukes then i feel asleep" i said lik eit didnt matter

" you could have called"

"sorry at least im not dead" i said laughing and walked to my room were jason was playing with smokey smokeys my cat

"watcha doing" i said plopping down next to him

"nothing but im going to have my girlfriend over and i want u to meet her"

"okay im gonna invite luke over" i said texting him

S- can u come over because james is having his girlfriend over and i dont want to be alone

L-sure and is she nice
S-idk but i sence shes a bish

L-okay ill be over in a sec

S-*waits a sec* WERE ARE U

L haha funny no but srsly i just got out of the shower be over in like 5

S okay bye

*after conversation*

"he'll be over in like 5 minutes" i said grabbing smokey and looking at her



I ran to the door and saw Luke standing there


I let him in and we went upstairs

"soo when does thw witch get here" he said picking up smockey

"i dont know"


We went down stairs and say a girl with green and blue hair and green eyes she saw me and glared 

"did u see that" I whispered to Luke

"Yea like what the hell did u do besides stand right here" he whispered

"Summer this is Maria Maria this is my sister Summer" James said she still glared at me but when james looked at her she smiled. ohh shes gonna be one of thoes girls.

She looked at Luke and made a flirty face

"Well hi Maria could not look at my boyfriend like that" I said highly annoyed already

"a i dont know what your talking about im just smiling at u two" She said faking a sweet voice. How does James not see that shes a bitch or should I say THE BITCH OF THE ALL

"ugh whatever come on luke lets go to your how and jump on the penguin" I say

"what penguin" James asked

"i may or may not have ripped the heads off of two of his stuffed penguins and to say sorry i bought him a fat 10 foot big penuin" I say

"and u said yes to being my girlfriend" Luke said smiling

"that to"

"cool can we see it" James asked

"yea come on" Luke said and we all went to Lukes house

"ITS SO FAT A LARGE" James said

Me and Luke burst out laughing cause it sounded wrong

"wha ohhhhh eww you guys are dirty minded" he said

"yea what ever anyways the best thing about in being big is u can jump on it" I said

When i did Luke and James put the hands over there area

"I can feel the pain" They both said I just shook my head and laughed and and jumped on it

"ME NEXT" Luke screamed

"AND ME" James screamed and jumped on it

Maria just stood there (Maria is a girl atmy school and shes a bitch)

"Arent u gonna jump on it" I say

"Nah I'm Good" She said looking at all the picture Luke has of all of us the boys crystal jason Fhloe Natasha Angel and James.She stopped and the picture of me and Luke at the beach and just stared at it

''Soooo want to watch a movie" Luke said 


*after watching mean girls*

Luke's POV

During the movie Summer fell asleep and when i tried to wake her up she punched me in the balls

"come on Summer wake up" I said


"we'll go to the mall" I said 

"okay" she got up and fixed her hair and as in fix i mean put in a messy bun

"Alright lets go" I said got up and went to my car

*at the mall*

Summer's POV

We got to the mall and i headed to hot topic ( i Know that some of these stores may not be in australia but there where i live so DEAL WITH IT)

I got two shirts and earings then headed to victoria secret for underwear some for my ladie thing and some not for that ( u should no what im talking about)

*after many stores and dinner*

We got home and we went inside i put my bags in my room while Luke went to put whatever he got at his house

I heardmy door shut and lock i thought was luke but it was Maria

"um hi" I said 

"listen here Summer stay away from james and Luke" She said coming at me

"u cant tell me to stay away from my brother and boyfriend"

"yes i can and u will are ill kill u" um okay that was um dark

"MARIA WE ARE SO OVER GE OUT OF MY HOUSE AND IF I CATCH U OR HEAR THAT YOUR THREATING MY SISTER AGAIN ILL BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF U" I heared james say i did not realize that he and Luke was standing at the door

"UGHHH" She screamed and stormed out of the house

"wow just wow" was all i said






















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