How fast life can change


2. chapter two


I didn't tell anyone for a long time. I was only 15. I don't know what it would've done to my family. The stress. Oh my goodness, the stress. And not to mention the years of therapy for something I didn't even want to talk about all because of emotional pain.

I went to go to the bathroom. I got ready to change my pad. I was in the middle of my period month. 'Great' I thought at the fact of my blood stream.

I bent over to take off my pad, very cautious not to get blood on me. But I didn't have to be cautious. Nothing was there. To make sure, i went pee. Still nothing.

'Oh GOD! Please no. Please please please please please! This can't be happening!!' I screamed in my head. 'That BITCH! I swear, if he got me pregnant...' I stopped there, not knowing what I'd do if it was true. I couldn't go up to him. I was scared. I still am in a way.

I went to the closest Dollar General and got a pregnancy test. So no one would know, I asked a foreign lady to buy it out for me. I gave her the money and waited outside. When she gave it to me I said thank you very slow, thinking she'd understand.

I got home and tested myself. I closed my eyes when I lifted the test to eye level. I covered my face and squinted the way some do at a horror film. I opened a spot through my fingers. It read positive. 'No. No no no. Oh. Fuck. NO!'

'What am I gonna do? Oh crap'

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