How fast life can change


6. chapter six


Lilly picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. We were on the couch before.

My mom was pretty laid back when I had friends over. When it got loud she would put headphones on and read or go to sleep. This was my first friend over since what happened.

Anyway, when we got into the room, she took off me shirt and I did the same to her.

This baby was really taking over my body. I usually resent sex. Now I'm the one that started it. One of me doctors told me that sex was perfectly okay and that it wouldn't hurt the baby. She also said that being pregnant would make me horny as I'll ever be.

Lilly looked at me. "Are you sure? With the baby and the-"

I cut her off by kissing her. I could tell she knew that was a 'yes' because she took off her shorts as I did the same. When that was over, we just looked at each other. Her body was perfect. Well, so far. She came closer and reached nehind me back to unclasp my bra. I laughed.

"What?" Lilly was confused

"The clasp is in the front..." I giggled.

She giggled and unhooked it. My bra fell right off. I did hers and then our underwear. I kissed her, licking her top lip, asking for entrance. She granted my wish and massaged my breasts.

"Oh!" I moaned.

She did the same when I rubbed her clit. She lifted her head like she was doing a yoga pose. I quick licked my fingertips and slowly inserted them. I went faster and farther with each movement, causing her to have an orgasm.

She made me cum by bringing her face to my lady part and licking me. I yelled "fuck!! Li-lill-LILLY!!!" And orgasmed. She rolled off me and cuddled me.

"That was amazing!" We said almost in unison.

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