How fast life can change


4. chapter four


Our schedules went by fast. At the end of the school day, she and Lilly met up and got in the car.

"So you need a ride? I rode my jeep here. I don't usually take the bus." Lilly stated.

"What? Oh. Uhm yeah! Thanks. " I said, not exactly sure what Lilly said. "So what do you wanna do? When we get there I mean." I wasn't very good at this 'friendship' thing. The last close friend she had was in... Well... Uhm I can't even remember.........

"Ok! Hop in!" Lilly seemed very excited. "I don't know. Truth or dare? Secrets in the dark?" She answered my earlier question.

I gave her directions to get there. It was easy. She followed where I pointed and got there within 7 minutes. Inside, we laughed and joked. She was amazing.

During truth or dare, Lilly asked a rather personal question.

"Truth or dare?" Lilly asked

"Uhm.... Truth!" I answered

"Why are you a little chubby? You don't seem like the kind to let yourself get fat..."

"Uhm...... It's... Personal. A long story too...."

"Oh come on. You can tell me anything. I won't tell. I won't laugh. Nothing. I promise." She pushed.

"Well... I don't know." I said. It seemed as if I'd known her forever. I had a good feeling about her. "Okay..." And I told her everything.

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