Harry Potter Imagines

Sooo I've been in a Harry Potter mood since The Cursed Child(#justicefordiggory) so I wanted to do some Harry Potter imagines, so


1. Info

Sooo, I'm guessing most of you know what Imagines are, if you don't I'm sorry, but heres what to leave in the comments..


  House/or school if you dont want to be at hogwarts

  Short Description of your self (personailty, & looks please :)

  Sports?/ Interests

  Who you want the imagine to be with &/or what you want to happen

  Era? (maureders, trio, or new)


You dont have to be too descriptive on the last one, but if you have any ideas let me know. Also, if theres anything else you want to include (year, friends, ...smut ;) just comment it lmao

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