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1. Letters

Wednesday, April 2nd 267 BC

Dearest Remi,

It is not that I am weak or cowardly or a downright imbecile- as the Nashihat are kindly taking the time to point out. I am strong-headed and the essence of that certainty tells me that to take the path of evil is always the wrong thing to do. Always. No matter the circumstances.

So that is why, dearest friend, I did not wish to kill my brother.

I don't know why I am explaining myself. You trust me even if you hate me right now.  I don't need  to explain myself. However someone should know exactly what happens, in the case of my demise.

I think I need to start by saying you were completely and utterly right and I was simply wrong. Dorian, my flesh and blood, was plotting to overthrow me, in the process of which he massacred our race. But let us not dwell on the past. Let us look forward to the future.

As you may have already heard, I was paid a visit by the spirits in what I thought was to be my final breaths. They gave me two wishes, one of which would be determined by their dreary selves. Their wish was ‘true immortality’ to a selected few (me). Trust me it's not the half-sort you have; it's the one Dorian cheated his way into. Previously I could have been killed, but now even the knives turn their blades away at my sheer beauty. It is rather sad that suicide will no longer be an option.

This is where I supposedly went wrong according to the Nashihat. Instead of wishing for a sword made by the devils that is so evil that it would kill my now truly immortal brother as soon as he laid eyes on it, I asked for a soulmate of such. Someone who would equal my power in strength and ‘true immortality’. It may hurt to say this, but I need company. An angelic friend on the other side of the world, who currently hates me for letting her entire family die because I couldn't kill Dorian just isn't enough. (By the way, I am truly sorry about that).

So I asked for a lover. And guess what I got. A prophecy.

 A bloody prophecy. 

This letter will burn upon finishing. It really wouldn't help to have Dorian know I am alive. Patience and surprise is my new motto. 



Previously king of the angels, now a starving street rat (perhaps an exaggeration). Pity me dearest friend. 

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