Falling Out (Septiplier)

"I just try to be the best I can be, but it's hard when there's a whole other side to the story......"

A Septiplier FanFiction


2. B

--= Mark's + POV =--

My hood hid my face perfectly as I bounced around into the school corridors with unease, poking my head through different classrooms to see if I was inside the right room, I somehow managed to bump into somebody I was really hoping I wouldn't bump into. 

Or at least, that's what everybody told me, but I mean he seemed pretty alright, besides the threats and fear that everybody has in their eyes whenever they even mention his name and ohhhh god look! He has a mask glued onto his face. Perfect that definitely won't give me, umm, nightmares?

"Hey! Are you new here?" The other boy in the green hoodie with a mask attached to his face perked his head to the side as I couldn't help but gawk at him, not knowing how to react to the mask that was glued to his face. Maybe he was in drama class for the next period?

"Umm, yeah, I guess I am." Nodding as I stared at the white, blank expression on the face, I wondered if he was smiling behind that mask at all. Cocking an eyebrow as I swayed left and right trying to get a good look behind the mask curious, he stood in my way of seeing anything.

"Cool, my name is Cry." His arm shooting out from his side, I jumped a small bit. Glancing down at his hands, a smile slowly grew on my face to see his fingernails was painted purple with black skull designs on them. He seemed alright to me. Looking up at him, I lifted a smile on my face and put my hand in his.

"Hello Cry, I'm Mark."

"Nice name. Do you know where you're going around the school? I can show you if you would like. Give you a few tips of who to go to and who not to go to." Relief streaming into every inch of my body, I slumped my head back as my grin stretched wider. Thank the lord.

"O-Oh, okay. Thank you!" Cry forcing a smile at me, he turned his back towards me and started walking, beckoning for me to follow as he started talking about the people inside of this school. Wanting to know my personality and what I like to do so I could get a heads up on where to go.

"Then we have the highschool sweethearts, you know, we actually have some gays in this school." Eyes widening at the fact, I whipped my head up from looking down at the ground to see him stalking around the corridor proudly as people moved out of our way, some shooting me looks of terror and mercy.

Why are they so scared of him? Following the gaze of everybody, I turned my head back to Cry remembering I hadn't answered him before. Clearing my throat, I opened up my mouth to speak making sure that I didn't sound questionable as I spoke to him.

"Mmhmm, some special needs too."

"Where do you go to meet some of these...Umm...Gays.." Cry freezing in his tracks, he turned around slowly and raised an eyebrow at the heat swelling up inside of my face. The seconds feeling like years, I kept my eyes glued onto his mask until he finally turned around and shrugged.

"I'll tell you who NOT to go to first. They might be gay, that doesn't mean all of them are skippy,  happy people. There's only two people in our school like that. One of them is my best friend." Cry pointing out with his finger when he said the word friend, some of the students backed away slowly the farther he walked.

"Don't go to Ken, he is one nasty person if you get on his bad side, there's only like two of them that are absolutely horrible, one of them is just an asshole which is Ken, and the other one has special needs so, yeah." Cry shrugged it off as he continued to stroll, notioning yet again for me to follow him, this time up the stairs.

"But....Whose the other one?" I questioned. Cry turning around yet again to look me dead in the eye, I could see discomfort in the brown eyes as he held his hands behind his back, seeming uncomfortable with the topic entirely as he literally cringed while saying his name.

".....We call him Jack." 

"Jack..." The name purred off of my tongue like as if it were something gentle and adorable, like something you could hold in your hands because it was so tiny, but it also reminded me of the horror story Jack The Ripper.....Guess you could mix it into two and make an adorable little murderer.

"Don't go falling in love with HIM now, he just broke up with Felix. He was already unstable but now he's probably going haywire on his own in the library or something." This confirming my thoughts about Jack The Ripper, I glanced nervously at Cry to see something sparking inside of his eyes.

".....Can I see him?" Hope flinging inside of my chest, I flinched as Cry shook his head no, not seeming very pleased with the idea of going up and meeting Jack, maybe it's because they have some history together? Judging by how quickly he shook his head I guess it's the right answer..

"Now isn't the best time, but uhh, maybe you'll see him doing something in the hallways? Yeah, you'll know Jack when you see him. Anyways, this is my stop. I'll see you around Marky." Cry waving a hand over his forehead saluting me, he dove into his classroom not taking me to mine as promised.

"Alright?" Huffing as the door slammed shut behind him, I squeezed my books tighter to my chest as I stared at the empty space of the hallway that was quite huge. My eye catching what was assumed to be the library, I pushed open the door and sat myself down trying to figure out my schedule. Knowing well enough that it was going to be a while.

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