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This story was inspired by the song Lost Boy by Ruth B. The first line of the story is also the first line of the song. Isabella is a normal teenage girl who thinks quite poorly of herself and compares herself to her older sister Alison often. Isabella thinks her sister is perfect, even though she knows many of her flaws. One fateful and rainy Summer day in Northern Ohio, Isabella and her family were heading to the bowling alley, nobody knew the the road would be slippery because of the rain or that another driver wouldn't be paying attention. And nobody expected anything that would happen because of this unfortunate accident. *I have no idea what to make the category... peas help!


1. Isabella

Chapter 1

There was a time when I was alone. A time when I cried myself to sleep every night. A time when people passed me by without a second glance. A time when I would let them. Luckily enough I’m not that person anymore. I’m not going to tell you how I went through a life changing event that made me realize what a smart, pretty girl I am. Because that sure as hell didn’t happen. God imagine if it did, maybe I’d actually have the tiniest bit of self esteem.

Shit get yourself back on track. Okay... Like I said there was no life changing event that made me realize what a gift I am to the world. I’m not a gift to the world, I’m not sure if anyone would miss me if I just… dissapeared. That’s another thing I have never been. Suicidal. Yes I may have slightly weird verging on… well just fucking insane thoughts about how my death would affect people. I’m assuming that other people have these. And if you don’t then please excuse my general weirdness.

Anyway. My story begins on a rather rainy summer day. You know the type of day where it’s so humid that not only does it add ten degrees to the average temperature, but also turns you hair in a giant, puffy, curly mess that looks as if a bird has decided to nest itself there. Yes, I know that’s slightly exaggerated for northern Ohio, but considering it’s normally cold as fuck here… well you understand. At least I hope you do. I’m off topic again. Back to my humid as hell summer day. It was the type of terribly humid day that makes you overjoyed when it rains. It was the type of day that always made me want to go outside and spin dramatically as if I was in a movie.

My mother, who had planned a fun day in the sun, was having a fit. Oh how dare the rain ruin her day. So it was then decided that we were going to go to the bowling alley. My father’s brilliant idea. My sister had already invited friends over for swimming and sunbathing, and was rather upset when my parents said none of her friends could interrupt our ‘family day’. And by upset I mean behaving like a spoiled child and throwing a tantrum. Alison is three years older than me, but has the maturity level of someone three years younger. Of course nobody else sees it that way. Ally seems to be the perfect daughter, sister, and person in general. Seems.

Ally has perfect blonde hair that falls to her shoulders, which she always keeps straight. And these lovely sky blue eyes that are always surrounded by black eyeliner, but not too much. “I don’t want to look like a raccoon!” She’s petite, but still manages to have long legs that she loves to show off during cheer practice. She’s gorgeous. That combined with her natural charisma and the fact that my parents think she’s an angel makes her the perfect teenager. Especially compared to me.

Of course Ally wasn’t anywhere near perfect. I don’t think I could count the number of guys she has ‘dated’ so far this year on one hand, but she’s also my sister. So despite how annoying and childish she is, I somehow still love her deep down. Really deep down. Like to the Earth’s iron and nickel core deep.

“But Daddy!” Ally high pitched voice cut through the calming sound of the rain like a knife. “I already told the girls that we could spend the day together! I mean Callie’s boyfriend just broke up with her and she’s a mess! Like a blubbering mess. And it’s tradition to have a girls day!”

I laughed. It shouldn’t be funny, I’m well aware. Though you would find it funny too if you knew just how often they had girls nights that consisted of crappy chick flicks, a lot of tissues, and trash talking the guy that caused everything. It would also be a hell of a lot funnier if you knew just how many of these girls nights were caused by Ally and the now ex-boyfriend ‘having fun’.

“Isabella!” My father scolded me. Until that very moment I hadn’t realized I had been speaking my thoughts aloud. Ally’s normally sweet face was a mask of anger. As was my father's. “Isabella, apologize to your sister and then go upstairs to your room and get ready!” My father commanded. His face was a slightly darker pink than usual, which stood out pretty greatly against his now mostly grey, dark brown hair.

“Does she have to go Daddy?” Ally asked my father, her sickly sweet voice and angelic face back and pleading. “She’s really boring…” She perked up again as a thought struck her. “And maybe Callie can come instead!”

My father's dark brown eyes softened as they returned to her, his little princess. “You know how important family time is to your mother, Allison sweetheart. You sister has to go, and Callie can’t come. You’ll have to have your girls night another time.”

Ally looked down at her pancakes and pouted. I grabbed my now empty cereal bowl and walked, probably faster than necessary, to the sink. I rinsed the bowl and placed it in the dishwasher before practically running up the stairs. Once I was in the sanctuary of my bedroom, I threw myself onto my bed. I rolled over so I was on my stomach, shoved my face in the pillow and let out a huge groan.

After I finished my self pitying session, I started to gather my things for a shower. So with my things in hand I walked into the bathroom the joined mine and Ally’s rooms together. I showered quickly, afraid that Ally would come up at any moment and give me a massive lecture about ‘being sisters’ and how that meant I was supposed to keep her secrets. It was practically impossible to keep her secrets. As you may have noticed I’m quite sarcastic and she makes it so easy… sometimes it just slips out. With a towel wrapped around me and one in my hair, I gathered my dirty clothes and slipped back into my room and deposited them into my hamper.

The next thing on my agenda was to actually get dressed. I searched through my dresser and decided on a forest green tank-top with lacy straps, denim shorts in black, and a light brown cardigan. I know what you’re thinking. “Why and the hell would you wear a cardigan on a hot, humid summer day?” Well as stated before, it was raining, so I figured it would cool off a bit. There was also the fact that I love cardigans. Love. Next I searched my shoes for the perfect pair. It came down between black and white checkered high top converse and leather gladiator sandals. I decided on the converse. Once that was all finished I decided to tackle the hair.

My hair is naturally thick and curly as well as a very dark brown color. It is not easy to work with. I Pulled my hair into two sections and braided them. It sounds quite simple, but the process took nearly an hour and caused a great deal of pain. I gave a sigh of relief when I was done. I quicked went through my very short makeup routine. I applied a tinted BB cream, then moved on to my eyebrows which I filled in. After that I lined my top waterline with eyeliner and put on a bit of mascara. I finished with a bit of an orange tinted lip gloss.

Finally done I studied myself in my full length mirror. I’m rather short, just barely below 5 feet and two inches. Unlike my sister I have rather short legs, not her impossibly long ones that boys drool over. I’m not fat by any means but I’m definitely not as small as Ally. And to Ally’s complete disappointment and jealousy I have curves, hers are nonexistent. Luckily enough my normally crazy mane of hair was tamed into braids around my face. I have big hazel eyes, that can never choose what color they want to be and aren't nearly as pretty as Ally’s blue. My nose is rather small compared to my face and has a huge mass of freckles sprinkled all over it., And while I have a rather full bottom lip the top is barely there. Over all I guess I’m cute at best, I’m not gorgeous like Ally.

With one last quick look I headed back downstairs. Per usual, everyone else was still getting ready. Also normal was the abandoned breakfast plates scattered across the dining room table as well as the pans on the stove. I loaded the dishwasher the same way I always did, you see the more you do something the faster you develop a routine. After I was done My father and mother came down the stairs, my mother still complaining that the rain ruined the day she had planned. My father listened as patient as ever. The patience which never extended to me. My mother grabbed her purse and ran her hand over her blonde hair which was styled in a classic updo. Her blue eyes looked up to the top of the stairs as she called for Ally.

Ally didn’t show up for another five minutes. Her hair was it’s usual poker straight. She was showing off her long legs in a light blue high waisted skirt and a floral crop top. She was also wearing brown wedges and a lot of make-up. As usual she looked amazing, much better than I did. She walked over to my parents who were standing near the front door. My father gave an irritated sigh and and called me over. “Come on Isabella!” He said again even more impatiently.

I followed them outside to the car and slipped into the back seat next to Ally, who was already texting one of her friends. Probably saying how terrible the day was going to be. And how right she was.

My father pulled out of our driveway and began driving to the bowling alley. To get there we had to take the highway, so as usual there was a lot of cursing and road rage. It happened after we got off the highway. One block away from the bowling alley. My father stopped the car at four way stop and then continued across the intersection. The other car tried to stop. The rain and the fact that the women driving the car was looking in the backseat of the car made it impossible. She was looking at a child.

The car smashed into the driver's side of our car. One second I was ignoring Ally, who was giving us all the details, no matter how unwanted they were, about how Callie was handling the breakup, the next we were off the road. The roof of the car was now the floor. I hurt. I hurt all over. And then it all went black.

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